Monday, April 30, 2018

MisterMJ MLB 4/30 ....Risk Adjusted Faves and Mad Scientists

Remember ...this is a work in progress. I am still trying to figure out just how I want to do this...but I still think I will figure it out.

I'm tracking the results...adjustments may need to be made. 

Play at your own risk...hopefully at some time in the future I can feel better about telling you to bet the system. Not quite yet. 

 The system itself may go in and out of cycle...and we might need to signal when to play it...and when to track it to wait for the next signal to play it. 

I know I have something here...I just have to play with it and figure things out. 

If I can figure it relates to all sports...which would make this effort very very worth while. 

One change I am implementing is a risk adjustment on the Favorites.  

Please note today's Favorite is a $20 wager. 
The goal is to not risk more than the $50 keep it real for a Fifty Dollar Bettor.

I can only document the picks in $10 I am forced to round things off. 

As an Boston is -230 so the wager amount is $20 which would lose $43.00 not including -110 lines.  I don't want the loss risk to be over $50 is what I am doing. 

I can see we might have some large we better adjust the risk.

MisterMJ Cycle System Tracking (All wagers are $50 except Large Favorites are risk adjusted in $10 increments so as not to risk more than $50)

KC at BOS 07:10 PM BOS -230  for $20   and Under 9.0

Overall Record 2-4-0 33.33% -$97.50 For a Fifty Dollar Bettor

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