Sunday, November 10, 2013

MisterMJ NFL Free Pick Sun. Nov. 10 4:25 ET

Enjoy this weeks NFL Free Pick from the long term outstanding NFL EMO System. The pick and write up is included below.

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MisterMJ NFL Free Pick

NFL subscribers were emailed this pick yesterday.

Houston +3 is a classic EMO here, there are multiple indicators flashing. This game is really lit up for an upset according to the EMO system. Plug your nose and play takes balls to pick Houston,but that's usually the exact time to pick an upset. I'll be proud of the system if it gets this one right because all I've been reading is how Arizona is the pick here. That's good , thats the kind of thing we are looking for. We are looking for a flat game from Arizona coming off the bye and for other emotional reasons. Houston , like I said is in a classic spot to surprise with the injuries, coaches health problems, another new QB, a kicker that can't name it. 

I've said it before, bad "Professional" teams or teams playing badly are like a spring that gets wound up with energy...sooner or later that spring is unleashed in one week of fury. Nothing is guaranteed here, but we should bet on Houston to unwind that spring right here, this week in Arizona.

Good Luck to us!

(EMO NFL System  (2007-2012 Record 96-69, 58.14% ATS) The picks is included below.

NFL EMO System Picks  (Play for 1 unit as a full wager. Recommended to flat bet for the entire season. Often contrarian in nature, looking for emotional factors on one or both teams that predict wining vs. the spread)
Houston-4:25 PM ETHouston +3500
2013 EMO Record: 6-5-0