Thursday, April 12, 2018

MisterMJ MLB Thur. 4/12....Greed Kills

Today's MLB Select Dogs and records are included at the bottom of this post.

Yesterday was the fourth day in a row that the MLB Select Dogs had a profit.

Once again...let me explain what we are doing here and why. 

All that we are doing is playing any and all MLB dogs between +128 and +180 in the beginning of the season. The reason we "Select" them between +128 to +180 is because that is arguably the "sweet spot" with the best value long term. 

The reason they show long term value is "probably"  because the public perceives the wrong value based on last season or historical results for teams and players. 

We don't actually KNOW anything yet...until the games are played for a while....then the value will probably start to come more into line with actual performance this season....versus what people assume based on PAST history.

Anybody can do's probably one of the best things to watch each April in MLB. They won't always hit like enjoy it now while it lasts and don't go crazy. It could stop and reverse any day...or it might show value through the rest of April if you play it smart and don't get greedy.

Greed kills. It separates the men from the boys in gambling. 

The number one sign that you are a Problem Gambler?

#1 You constantly change the amount of your wagers based on emotions. get angry at a loss and try to make it up betting more the next time. If you are searching for emotional are doing it wrong and are a slave to your emotions. You will NEVER win that way. 

It's far better to train yourself to appreciate the warm glow of steady winning over time...with a plan. 

Don't be chasing all over the place looking for the next emotional high that never lasts. 

Most of this business is complete bullshit. I am trying to show you how it can be done....some of it yourself...for better long term results and enjoyment. 


Thur. 4/12
Today's MLB Select  Early Season Dog Tracking Picks

02:20 PM PIT +177

06:10 PM DET +180

07:05 PM COL +165

08:10 PM CHW +162

Overall Record  29-32-0   47.54%  +$519.00 

Yesterday's Results 3-3-0 50.00%  +$71.50...  For a Fifty Dollar Bettor

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