Sunday, October 20, 2019

Let me tell you a Sports Betting Secret That Just Works & A Free NFL Pick

*The Free NFL Smart Money Pick is posted below

The NBA starts on Tuesday and we have the ultimate system to play it...and then College Basketball too.

Imagine an indicator that follows "Smart" Money Bets It works with stocks and ALL sports.

I'm using it for both...Because it has really opened my eyes to how the world works.
Follow the Smart Money Flow It just works

Only $29.99 for past subscribers...for everything NFL/NCAAF NBA NCAAB
It just works... Because it's the ultimate system Whatever is working in sports or stocks..the Smart Money Knows College Football Money Flow 13-7-0 65% ATS

Sign up Here...if you are a past subscriber I will give you everything NFL NCAAF NBA &NCAAB for only $29.99 as a way of saying thank you for your past support.

Next year it goes to $49.99 for everybody...which is still a steal. Most services charge too much. I give you what the Smart Money is playing...everybody else gives you marketing B.S.

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*Free NFL Pick

Smart Money O/U 2-1-0 67%

Play on 1 PM ET Miami / Buffalo Over 40.5

It's starting to move (good sign)  but I would still play it.

Good luck to us

Saturday, September 14, 2019

MisterMJ NFL Free Pick And IT LOOKS GOOD Sun. Sept 15

Just emailed my subs 12 College Football Picks from an insider edge that hit 75% ATS last week Probably won't hit 75% again but could be profitable today again
Sign up now! Or $29.99 goes to $49.99 after Sunday
Includes everything I do...NFL NCAAF NCAAB NBA...what a deal but I can't wait forever. I do have a life and I'm busy. Paypal me at this link:

It's already too late to get today's College games...I won't be able to process it today. Too late.

I will throw out a bone for the NFL

Atlanta +2 Sunday night is a Live Home Dog

Better play that's coming up on multiple systems. Flashing Red.

You can follow my Twitter for some late breaking Money Flow Picks

Good luck


Sunday, September 8, 2019

NFL Insider Money Flow Pick & Signup for only $29.99

Yesterday we hit both of the College games with me monitoring the Huge Money Flow Patterns at some books I have access to. 

Imagine hitting this kind of stuff all season each sport.

To those of you that have signed up...thank you and give me a little time to catch up and process your subscriptions.
If you haven't signed up and this might interest you..along with my other systems sign up below.

This insider money flow thing has me excited ...on top of my other stuff...this is a great addition.

Quite a bit of value here (Only offered to my past subscribers) for just $29.99 NFL NCAAF NBA and March Madness All Included

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Watch my Twitter Account at Halftime of the first games for possibly another pick. I will be watching the late game Money Flows.

Free NFL Money Flow Pick
Today I'm wagering on 1 pm ET Jacksonville +3.5 ...once again absolutely huge Professional money on Jax...with an even bigger avalanche of Public money on KC. The sharps know something I think. 

Thanks...let's have fun and make some money off this thing

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Inside Vegas Info and Two College Football Picks

I wasn't sure that I was going to do this anymore...I've been working on a stock trading system which is a better opportunity for my time. 

I'm also doing a little bit of "wildcat" consulting for some people in Vegas who have reached out to me. 

I have two College Football picks today based on a number of very large wagers made in Vegas, Those picks are included below. I would recommend them as 1/2 wagers and let's see how that works out. But I am looking forward to playing some of these games the Sharps are definitely on.

As part of the deal...I have inside information on "Big Money" bets which I believe is smart money or people with their own inside information. It could be lucrative and kind of fun to play this.

If I'm going to do this anymore I'm going to simplify it into what I'm betting on. That's it. Many of you have asked me to do that in the past.

I'll be running my systems in the background ...but each week I will only pass on the best picks of what I'm betting on. At this point I kind of know what to look for...rather than always just blindly following systems. But that did teach me a lot doing it that way.

I need to keep it simple...maybe it will be better this way.

I will also be using my subscription to Cold Hard Football Facts and analyzing their stuff to use for betting. 

So...quite a bit of value here (Only offered to my past subscribers) for just $29.99 NFL NCAAF NBA and March Madness All Included

Paypal me at this link:

Free Today
Today's College games  3:30 PM ET I'm Playing  Texas A&M +17 ...some HUGE bets on this one...including the ML ! I'm not saying to do that...but I like the points based on big money flow.

5:00 PM ET I"m Picking  ULM +22.5  81% of public money and 82% of ALL actual money is on FSU and I think that is the wrong side here according to sources watching money flow. 

Thanks, Let's have some fun and make money

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Belmont Stakes Analysis Sat. June 8 2019

Belmont Stakes Analysis... This is the best FREE advice that I know of courtesy of Mark Belling. Do your own due diligence but this is an honest good faith attempt by somebody that I respect.

Good luck!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

MisterMJ March Madness System Thur. April 4 2019

Dogs are barking...we got another one with USF last night.

We have another Dog tonight with a good signal. 

7:00 PM ET Pick UW-Green Bay +5.5
17-15-0 Overall
8-5-0 (Dogs 6-2-0 since last adjustment to a self correcting system)

Let's see if we can get another one.MJ