Tuesday, March 31, 2009

NIT March 31

One NIT pick tonight.

Good luck!


Tuesday, March 31

Game Score Status Pick
Notre Dame - 9:20 PM ET Penn St. +4.5
Penn St. -

6-4-1 60.00%

Saturday, March 28, 2009

NCAA Saturday March 28

One pick today...

Villanova +2 shows value.

Good luck!


Saturday, March 28

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Villanova - 7:05 PM ET Villanova +2 500
Pittsburgh -

5-4-1 55.56% +300

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WNCAA March 24

Once again no picks for mens tourney games.

Womens's NCAA has another interesting night of matchups...very interesting if you dig into them a little bit.

WNCAA 7:15 EST Duke -6 is extreme value...they should destroy Michigan St. even on their court. My only worry is Auburn crapped the bed last night as the better team playing on Rutgers home court.

I'm playing Duke anyway...the same as a solid mens pick. But I could be very wrong...I admit I don't have much experience here...but stat wise...Duke is ridiculous value if they come to play and aren't psyched by the soap opera story of their coack leaving Michigan St. for Duke two years ago.

WNCAA Record 1-1

Sunday, March 22, 2009

NCAA Sunday March 22

Another tough loss brings the record to 4-4.

Two picks qualify for Sunday...lets get em.


Sunday, March 22

Game Score Status Pick
Wisconsin - 2:20 PM ET Xavier -4
Xavier -

Marquette - 4:40 PM ET Missouri -4
Missouri -

Saturday, March 21, 2009

NCAA Saturday March 21

One pick for Saturday. 2-1 on Friday.

March Madness System (4-3)

Good Luck!


Saturday, March 21

Game Score Status Pick
Purdue - 5:40 PM ET Washington -1
Washington -

Friday, March 20, 2009

NCAA Friday March 20

Computer sayz these are the best matchups we've had so far. Time will tell.

I've made a slight adjustment...I'm still learning as I go here...NCAA is very dynamic compared to the NBA system. Much more challenging for me.

I'm shading the system more toward the very successful Home System (16-4) posted here earlier in the season...I think this is the way to go as I gain more experience with this.

We need these wins today. Good luck!

March Madness System (2-2)


Friday, March 20

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Miami-Florida - 7:00 PM ET Florida -5 500
Florida -

Arizona - 7:10 PM ET Utah -1.5 500
Utah -

Kansas St. - 9:30 PM ET San Diego St. -5 500
San Diego St. -

Thursday, March 19, 2009

NCAA March Madness Picks March 19

Two picks for Thursday.

March Madness System (1-1)

Good luck!


Thursday, March 19

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Butler - 12:20 PM ET Butler +1.5 500
Louisiana State -

Michigan - 7:10 PM ET Michigan +5.5 500

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NCAA March Madness Pick March 18

Just one pick qualifies again...if it wins thats good enough anyway.

Baylor -3 is the only pick to make it through the value matrix.

Good luck!

P.S. I will be posting tournament picks later tonite for Thursday so you can all get a jump on the early games...I'll be doing that through the rest of the tourneys.

March Madness Record (1-0)

Wednesday, March 18

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Georgetown - 9:00 PM ET Baylor -3 500

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NCAA March 17

March Madness System (0-0) Oakland -4.5 tonight...oddly enough that is the only game that qualifies with tight parameters.

This is an adaptation of an old system I've had success with...and what I've learned this year.

Lets ease our way into this and see how it starts out before we go too crazy...CIB, NIT and NCAA will all be included and tracked together. I use $500 per wager for tracking purposes only...again...I suggest caution until we see how this goes. It is a system in progress.

Good luck!

NCAAB March Madness System

Tuesday, March 17

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Kent St. - 7:00 PM ET Oakland -4.5 500
Oakland -

Sunday, March 15, 2009

NBA Season Wrap Up

I've been asked by many if I'm going to start charging for my picks...the answer is NO. But I'm not afraid to ask for your support, as I know I provide a very very good service for free.

I'll keep this short and sweet.

If you have done well with my picks, NBA or NFL or both... donations are accepted through the PayPal button upper right of my blog...I don't ask for much, but if each of you made a small donation it would at least help pay for my time.

I spend at least an hour or two per day...every day to keep this all going. And yes...I do make nice money off my picks myself...but it's only fair...I would like to cover my time and effort when I provide a service with a winning record.

If you don't want to make a donation...I do not require it...they are "free picks"...and will remain so as long as I feel like doing this. Other ways to support my efforts are to tell your friends...the more members that sign up for the email service gives me more opportunities for ads and donations. Also...each post has a small envelope symbol below it that allows you to email my post to a friend to help spread the word.

Thank You! in advance... and I look forward to the NCAA Tourney and Major League Baseball with more picks through the spring and summer right here in the blog.


But for now, it's time to end another NBA season.

Every year around March 1st it comes to an end for the NBA Computer Picks. The lines get very tight...and there is no longer any line value to exploit.

It's been another amazing season...even better than last season.

This years NBA Computer picks won at a 65.6% ATS vs. 60% ATS last year. We also added a few more units overall this year banking +25.8 units to last years +22.4 units.

Overall, in the last two NBA seasons (07/08/09) the NBA Computer Picks have never had a losing month and compiled a record of 145-88 62.2% ATS and banking +48.2 units.

Computer Picks Record

61-32-1 65.6% +25.8 Units 08/09

Beer Money O/U Record
9-7-0 56.25% +650 +1.3 units

NBA Leans
0-2 -2.2 units

Friday, March 13, 2009

NBA Lean March 13

One pick with the experimental NBA leans system.

The record is 0-1...I don't know if you should wager on it or not...follow along if you wish.

I track them at wagerline using $500...but that is just for tracking purposes. I would play them whatever you consider a small wager for your bankroll management.

It's an experiment...it might not work....but it is my attempt to get everything we can out of the NBA season.

Good luck if you choose to follow.


Friday, March 13

Game Score Status Pick Amount
New Orleans - 8:30 PM ET Milwaukee +5 500

Thursday, March 12, 2009

NCAA Picks March 12

Conference system plays (5-3)

6:30 EST Rhode island -3

7:00 EST Bowling Green PK
7:00 EST Pittsburgh -4

9:30 EST UTexas El paso +1,

11:30 EST Louisiana Tech +1.

Small line changes will not change the status of these picks...but of course use some common sense...we have plenty to choose from tonight.

Good luck!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NBA / NCAA March 11

One Beer Money O/U tonight...Good luck!

NY / Det Under 206 $500

9-6-0 60.00% +$1200
Two NCAA Picks for the evening.

7 EST Tulane -3

9 EST UC Irvine -2

Conference System Record is 4-2

Good luck!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NBA Pick March 10

I'm starting a new category of NBA picks.

NBA Leans.

If this works...and I have good reason to think it will...this will really balance out my coverage of the NBA.

It will provide us with many more picks...picks qualify nearly every single day....many more dogs...and it might be a system that gets better at the end of the season.

I would expect they will hit at a lesser rate than the computer picks. 57-58% ATS would be the best I would expect...but that would be a great addition to our line up.

The nice part is they are not any extra work for me. Again...use caution until we see how this goes.I play them small...less than 1/2 a computer pick. I will track them at $500 per wager..and that always confuses some people...but that's just for tracking purposes at wagerline.

I'm sure there will be questions...feel free to ask.

Good luck!

NBA Leans

Tuesday, March 10

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Utah - 7:00 PM ET Indiana +3.5 500
Indiana -

Record 0-0-0

Monday, March 9, 2009

NCAA Conference Picks March 9

I had some internet problems over the weekend...I apologize for any inconvenience...I'm afraid some of the emails went out too late. It might be best to also check the blog if you do not receive an email...just to make sure there was not a pick that day.

Most days, the email system works very well...but once in a while there is a problem.

Good luck tonight!

A couple of picks tonight...

Conference System (3-1 ATS)

7pm EST Virginia Commonwealth -3.5

9pm EST Niagara +3.5

The Conference System is adapted from the Home System posted in this thread.

Home System (16-4 ) ATS since Feb 8 adjustment.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

NCAA Conference Tourney Pick March 7

One pick for the Conference Tourney system. (2-1 ATS )

Wager smaller until we see how it goes. Adapted from the Home system.

4:20 EST Coll Charleston -3

Thats it for today...here's to hoping for a sweep....or at least 2-1 with the NCAA picks.

I might still have an NBA play posted later today...check the blog later...having technical difficulties today.

NCAA Picks March 7

Two picks with the Home System (15-3 ATS since the Feb 8 adjustment)

Auburn -2.5 and Cal Santa Barbara -4

I am still having major technical problems...so I am forced to do everything manually today. Bear with me....I will probably have more selections todays. You may want to check the blog instead of waiting for the email delivery.

Good luck...cya in a little while.

NCAAB Home System

Saturday, March 7

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Louisiana State - 4:00 PM ET Auburn -2.5 500
Auburn -

Long Beach St. - 10:00 PM ET UC Santa Barbara -4 500
UC Santa Barbara -

Thursday, March 5, 2009

NBA O/U March 5

We have a Beer Money O/U tonight.

Dallas / NO Under 196

My number is 188...I really like this one and it checks out well in my opinion.

The record is still out on these picks...small sample, and it's just too early to tell how they are doing.

Wager as you see fit. Good luck!

196.5 available at Betjam.


Thursday, March 5

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Dallas - 8:00 PM ET Under 196 500
New Orleans -

8-6-0 57.14% +700

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

NBA Teaser March 4

No picks today.

I suggest a small NBA teaser that teases two picks into value.

NBA 5pt teaser Chicago -2.5 and Nets Under 198.5

Please play this small...do not risk our hard earned units on experimental teasers.

Teaser record 1-0-1

Good luck...use caution...or wait for a better day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NCAA March 3

One pick in the NCAAB Home system.

Oklahoma St. -5

Record is 14-3 since the Feb 8 adjustment to the system.

Good luck!

NBA Computer Pick and O/U March 3

All winners last night.

One computer pick tonight...and one O/U...both are in the same game.

Houston -9 and Houston Under 199.

Good luck!

NBA Computer Pick

Tuesday, March 3

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Toronto - 8:30 PM ET Houston -9 500
Houston -

60-32-165.22%+12400View View +24.8 Units


Tuesday, March 3

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Toronto - 8:30 PM ET Under 199 500
Houston -

8-5-0 61.54% +1250 View View +2.5 Units

Monday, March 2, 2009

NBA Teaser March 2

No computer picks or O/U plays today....nothing qualifies.

What I do have is a couple of plays that almost qualified...can we put together two half assed plays...and come up with one ass?

The only reason I'm doing this is to keep things going here a little longer...we can try another teaser.

Teaser record is 0-0-1 ...a push beats a loss any day.

Here is what I'm suggesting for tonight..use caution or wait for a better situation.

NBA Two team 4 point teaser pay 11 to win 10.

OKC +10 / OKC Under 203.5

As a third option...I like The Citadel -5.5 tonight...it is also an unofficial NCAA pick in a good spot, that needs a little teaser help for best value.

Take your pick...I'm trying to give people options. Don't whine if it doesn't work...we are taking on more risk as we try to get everything we can out of this season.

Good luck!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

NBA Computer Pick March 1

Two NCAA winners yesterday...

One NBA computer pick today.

Dallas -6

Good luck!

Sunday, March 1

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Toronto - 9:00 PM ET Dallas -6 500
Dallas -