Sunday, September 7, 2014

MisterMJ NFL Free Pick Sun. Sept. 7

Enjoy today's NFL Free pick posted below. Good luck to us. MJ

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NFL Week # 1 Free Pick

Week # 1 is hard because we don't have any stats to use yet and we haven't had a chance to see any teams play real games. Any picks in week # 1 are educated guesses.

I think you should play the week # 1  pick smaller than normal, as a half wager for example. I like the pick, but we must keep in mind that we are guessing, rather than using actual performance statistics to make the pick.

Carolina - 4:25 PM ET Tampa Bay -2
Tampa Bay -

We have a team that qualifies with a new coach week # 1 value system, and Tampa qualifies in a week # 1 system for small favorites.