Tuesday, April 24, 2018

MisterMJ MLB Tues. 4/24 ...A Couple of Filtered Faves

Nothing qualified yesterday...so I didn't post here. 

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Today we have a couple more Select Faves. 

These are dog plays that were filtered OUT as NO PLAY....AND then playing on those FAVES that our filters find as PLAY ON. 

It sounds complicated but it's not...in a nutshell...it's bad hitting vs. good hitting and making sure we aren't going against a top starting pitcher. 

It's a simple system of basic filters...and I'm trying to illustrate...sometimes simple is best...or at least...simple does sometimes work. 

MLB Select Faves 

8:15 PM STL -162

8:40 PM COL -148

Record 3-1-0 75.00% +$73.00 For a Fifty Dollar Bettor

Roughly speaking....it looks like the Filters have gained us approximately +4.5 Units so far...versus just playing the Select Dogs without filters.

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