Friday, March 27, 2015

MisterMJ 2015 MLB Sign Up Still Only $29.99 / 2014 MLB Saber Unders +28 Units

Baseball starts in just days...and it's time to sign up for the 2015 MLB season. Picks emailed daily. Still Guaranteed that we make money on the emailed picks...or the next season is Free and I make an honest effort to win your money back. Still just $29.99 for the whole season of daily emails.

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Last seasons MLB Saber Unders were good for nearly +28 Units  from early June until early September as a system.

We did not start playing them right away however, so I do realize actual units won by subscribers was considerably less, probably in the 10 to 20 unit range as I recommended that we ease into them with half units. The exact record for subscribers depends on how you did that. There was also some system over lap, playing the same picks, so it really depends on how you played them.

Saber Unders 45-31-2 59.21% +10.9 Units (Overall system record)

Saber Unders Select 46-­26-­4 63.89% +­17.4 Units (Overall system record)

This season we can start playing them right away during the first week of the season in April, picking up two extra months ... and we should be good until the tricky month of August when historically, systems seem to break down.

The Saber Unders have become so popular and are so much easier to play than baseball Money Lines that I will only be offering the Saber Unders this season.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

MisterMJ NCAAB Free Picks / Thurs. March 12

Two Free picks tonight from a +66% ATS NCAA System this season.

Don't forget MLB is just around the corner as we gear up for a whole season of MLB UNDERS. 

Good luck to us.

Enjoy today's free picks posted below.

NCAAB Home System I ( Play up to -5.5)

Thursday, March 12

Houston - 6:00 PM ET Houston -1 #593

St. Joseph's - 6:30 PM ET St. Bonaventure -2.5 #540
St. Bonaventure

2014 -15 Record 8-­4-­1 66.67%