Wednesday, April 25, 2018

MisterMJ MLB 4/25....Better Stuff on The Way

Don't miss tomorrows post....I will be explaining in more detail what I intend to do for the rest of the MLB season....and beyond.

 Exciting stuff for I combine what I've learned building handicapping systems and filters over the last 15 years with other information now becoming available. 

Last night the Select Faves split 1-1-0 for a small loss.

I'm going to wrap this up today...I'm done with the Select Dogs and Select Faves. Final Records are below. 

All I wanted to do was show people that they can do some of this themselves, and I wanted to illustrate some of the basics for filtering plays ect. ..and it shows the way I think which can help you decide whether or not to follow me.

I will be doing more of this in the future playing around with systems and building filters at this blog.

Right now...I just don't have the time to keep doing these particular systems..especially doing it for free...which I don't mind, but I have to spend my time wisely.

I intend to spend my time in the future giving you Better Systems and Information.

The good news is that I"m going to start posting plays for you to follow that I hope will be of greater value.  This is where I want to spend my time.

 If I have a play today...which I might...I will post it on my Twitter Feed. Follow the links below.

Select Dogs Final Record

37-53-0 41.76% +$83.00 For a Fifty Dollar Bettor

Select Faves Final Record
4-2-0 66.67% +42.00 For a Fifty Dollar Bettor

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