Sunday, September 16, 2018

MisterMJ NFL Sept. 16 Week # 2

I have three games that I'm looking at this week.

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Play these at your own risk...use the information as you see fit.

These are NOT system picks. You have paid me to provide system picks and the systems have not started yet. is my thinking this week. I was 2-2 last week.

I think Minnesota is just better than Green Bay right now. Great defense and a very solid offense. Green Bay will be forced into a somewhat predictable game plan and you can't blame Rodgers if he gets a little skittish from what should be another great pass rush coming at him this week. In a Packer fan...I just hope he gets out of this game without making his knee worse...or a collarbone broken by the Vikes last season. Just too much love for the Packers here...they aren't that good....yet.

MIN at GB  01:00 PM  Pick MIN -2.5
There is a SDQL for this next game that I find worth considering. 
 Since 2015, teams which are opening the season with two straight road game are 0-12 ATS in the second of those games. Active on Kansas City, Houston and Seattle. SDQL TEXT: week=2 and A and p:A and season>=2015

Add in the fact that KC has a very talented but still young and inexperienced QB coming off a nice win...but going into Pittsburgh is a different animal. Pittsburgh is coming off a game that probably pissed them off...I just like this set up.

KC at PIT  01:00 PM  Pick PIT -4.0

Monday Night...maybe Chicago is a pick too....I will email it out if things still check out on Monday. I like the Chicago defense at home on a Monday night here...Seattle might be living on past glory a little too much too. 
Too much respect for Seattle...too little for Chicago that is on an upswing from their recent past. Betting on upside surprise over Seattle not the same team  as they used to be.

Good luck.

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