Tuesday, April 3, 2018

MisterMJ on Jim Barnes MLB Handicapping and MLB Tracking 4/3

Today's MLB Select Dogs and records are included below. The first game is at 4:05PM ET ...so chill for a second.

I have a little bit of what I think is some interesting baseball handicapping reading for you. Just a little example of the types of things I intend to start talking about and diving into here.

I can't wait to start layering a performance filter over these MLB Select Dogs and see what happens. 

In other words I want to further qualify them based on recent performance. Of course the question is...what recent performance should we use? 

I am very intrigued by a comment from legendary handicapper Jim Barnes. 

This is from an article I saved years ago on about.com which I don't think exists anymore. I will be sharing a number of Jim Barnes insights...from the trenches as a proven handicapper back in the day.

Now regarding baseball....consider this comment from him and let it sink in compared to what you currently believe about baseball handicapping.

About.com: "Is there one handicapping idea that you came up with that you are most proud of"?
 Jim Barnes: : Yes, one that was an uphill battle and still is not universally accepted by a betting market that is too stubborn to adopt new theories. 
baseball is "80-percent batting and 20-percent pitching." I knew the idea had merit from the beginning and a year before leaving the Stardust to return to his native state, sportsbook manager Walker said he was coming around to my point of view. There are only a handful of pitchers that can win when their team is not scoring and the other 95-percent have their records determined by whether the team scores or not.

Agree or disagree...I think we are forced to consider that opinion. 

The man deserves respect and we need to at least consider that he might have something there.

Imagine if he is indeed correct. How does this change your approach? Are you missing something? 

That's all for today.  Today's MLB Tracking is included below.

Yesterday's MLB Early Season Select Dog Tracking Results  04/02/2018 1-2-0 33.33 %(-$32.50) for a $50 bettor. 

4/3 Select Dog Tracking Picks (Assuming $50 Wagers for tracking purpose)

04:05 PM TB +135

06:40 PM CIN +158

07:07 PM CHW +172

09:40 PM ARI +150

Overall 6-12-0 33.33% -$153.50

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