Sunday, October 26, 2008

Week 8 NFL Picks

My apologies...for some reason the blog didn't keep my post this week.

It's kind of late now...except for the Monday night pick.

St. Louis / NE Under 43

NY Jets -14

Tennessee -4

Good luck! I'm not suggesting caution...but I wouldn't go crazy this week either.

Computer Pick 3 Record
14-6-1 70.00% +$3700

Saturday, October 18, 2008

***NFL Computer Picks*** Week 7 Oct 19

Week 7...there are a lot of games the computer likes this week...but these are the best 3... with lines we can beat.

Buffalo isn't a big surprise anymore...a lot of value there at home coming off a bye. I get the idea that San Diego is kind of phony when I watch them play...thats just my opinion is not reflected in the Buffalo pick...I let the computer pick the games.

Carolina is solid and in a nice spot here at home. Could easily be a push the 1/2 pt if you want. I'll just take the -3 here for record keeping.

Indy / Green Bay this game looks like a coiled spring. A lot of energy wound up here. The computer can see this from its doesn't really know exactly what it all means. This is a boom or bust game ...something unusual will probably happen...or one team will really dominate...something is up...and the computer thinks it points to an under.

I can't help but wonder if Indy regresses to looking terrible this in the early weeks? The only way I can see GB with a running game that just rips Indy all day long? Not sure...just guessing here...but I'm comfortable with the under pick. It feels scary...thats what beating the spread should feel like. The books always try to make us comfortable...which is usually a loser.

Good luck!

San Diego - 1:00 PM ET Buffalo -1 $500
Buffalo -

New Orleans - 1:00 PM ET Carolina -3 $500
Carolina -

Indianapolis - 4:15 PM ET Under 47 $500
Green Bay -

Computer Pick 3 Record

12-5-1 70.59% +$3250

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Week 6 Recap

3-0 Sweep this week.

Wrapping up the record after 6 weeks. The computer is lookin good.

12-5-1 70.59% +$3250"

Saturday, October 11, 2008

NFL Computer Picks |Week 6

Week 6 picks look solid again...and once again the computer is leaning toward home teams that will teach some high flyers a lesson this week.

The Atlanta pick has the computer lit up with the most indicators this week. A solid home dawg that has the computer barking.

San Diego seems to have a solid edge...Tampa scares me a little...but I'll just trust the computer knows more than I do.

Personally, I also like the Raiders/NO under 47 and Baltimore +4...but those are NOT official picks for the record.

Good luck!

Chicago - 1:00 PM ET Atlanta +3 $500
Atlanta -

Carolina - 1:00 PM ET Tampa Bay -1 $500
Tampa Bay -

New England - 8:15 PM ET San Diego -5 $500
San Diego -

Computer Pick 3 Record

9-5-1 64.29% +$1750

Computer Special Situations Record

1-1 -$216

Friday, October 3, 2008

***NFL Computer Picks*** Week 5 Oct 5

Here we go...week 5. Looks like a good card to me. The computer loves these home teams in excellent situations to knock off teams flying a little too high this week.

I've never seen so many indicators pointing to a team like Arizona this week. The computer loves this pick. But that doesn't mean to wager more on it...these wagers are always flat bets.

There is also a Special Situation pick this week. Detroit +3.5 $500 shows excellent value with a home bye team hosting a division rival off a hard fought win. Look for a Bear let down here.

Good luck!

3 Pack of Picks

Washington - 1:00 PM ET Philadelphia -6 $500
Philadelphia -

Kansas City - 1:00 PM ET Carolina -9.5 $500
Carolina -

Buffalo - 4:15 PM ET Arizona -1 $500
Arizona -

Computer Pick 3 Record

7-4-1 63.64% +$1300

Computer Special Situations Record

1-0 +$234