Friday, April 6, 2018

MisterMJ MLB...Osmosis and Better Bettors ! 4/6

Today's MLB is included at the bottom of this post...a positive day again yesterday...but don't miss my important comments below.

Let's review again what I'm doing with the  MLB Early Season Select Dog Trackers.

First of all...they are being "Tracked". They may or may not be worth playing...I'm not putting them out as picks to blindly follow. It's up to you...we are tracking...watching...observing....learning. 

This is how you start to get a "Feel" for things. It starts to involve us into the baseball season. 

So far...even if you played them all, you aren't being hurt... down a little less than two still have a chance to climb ahead, and it's all free as we are building toward bigger and better things ahead. 

I will be running a baseball system here with a long history of winning...Probably starting in May...and I'll be sharing it for free. 

That's what I'm going to do here.  I'm just having fun again....or it's just not worth it.

I swear...tracking something like this will make you a better bettor. (Better bettor? Really? WTF is that? LOL)...anyway... remember this:

Observing nature was the fundamental pathway to science and the scientific method.

Observing baseball ...I'm talking statistics or in this case a simple system for MLB spring the same way (in my opinion) start to absorb things without even realizing it by tracking things like this. 

It's like the process of "osmosis" ie : the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge, etc.

Hint hint...I'm giving you something nobody else talks about. Pay attention. +15 years of building (Winning) handicapping systems talking here.

"Select" means they are only dogs that qualify by being between +128 to +180 ...because this is right in the best dog value sweet spot. Give or take just a's as close as we can get...arguably so.

Follow them...don't play for me to crash and burn...elect me as your President...I don't care. 

This is my style...I like to do it this works for me. 

I have a million things I want to write about I will try to catch up on some things that I promised as soon as possible. 

Yesterday's MLB Results for Early Season Select Dog Trackers  2-2-0 50.00% +$34.00 for a Fifty Dollar Bettor. All Wagers are assumed to be $50 for tracking purposes. 

Friday 4/6 MLB Select Dog Trackers 

04:10 PM ATL +133

07:05 PM BAL +159

08:10 PM MIL +130

10:15 PM SF +140

Overall Record 11-18-0 37.93% -$93.50 for a $50 dollar bettor

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