Thursday, April 19, 2018

MisterMJ MLB 4/19 ....Filters...and a Filtered Afternoon Play

I am tracking "Select" MLB Dogs in April here, and on Twitter to provide a service to readers. 

You can play me track them...whatever. In the long run these MLB dogs have shown value in April.  Not every season, but many. 

It's a good way to start the new season while we wait for things to settle my opinion anyway.

Anyone can do this and it can be fun to do for baseball betting fans.

For the rest of April I am filtering the Select Dogs (+128 to +180 is what the "Select" means).

I'm filtering out playing against the top 20 pitchers. Most pitchers have a few games under their belt now...and every season there are some pitchers that are just "ON" why go against somebody that is having one of those God like years when he just has nasty stuff?

The other filter is related to hitting. Jim Barnes swears hitting is more important than pitching. At least in some ways I think he is I just said ...there is no sense in going against the top 20 pitchers...of which some of those guys will be nearly un-hittable this season and have a career year. I filtered OUT : Toronto , Miami and San Fran.

This leaves us with just one pick again today....and it's Seattle.

Yesterday's filtering saved us close to a half a unit....I will keep an eye on the teams I filter out and make sure that it seems to be working.

I will do these filtered plays for the rest of April....then I will switch to a different system and provide plays for the rest of the season.

Yesterday's Results 0-1-0 0.00% -$50.00

Today's Filtered MLB Early Season Select Dog Trackers

3:40 PM SEA +163

Overall Record 36-51-0 41.38% +$113.50

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