Wednesday, April 4, 2018

MisterMJ MLB and Twitter and Jim Barnes advice 4/4

Todays's MLB Select Dog picks and records are way at the bottom.

 I would suggest you read my witty commentary first. ;-) And don't miss the Jim Barnes quote below.Read it , learn it, implement it.

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First of all let me mention that I am posting on Twitter and I would also recommend that you follow me there. The blog is great in some ways...and Twitter is great in other ways for spontaneous comment and sometimes picks or ideas that I share.

I know some of you hate the idea of Twitter and don't have it and don't want it. Fine...I do have a work around for you. 
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Secondly...a comment about the MLB trackers. Yeah...not so hot so far. It's kind of hard to tell yet with a small sample size this season.

One day maybe today who knows...they might all hit or have a 3-1 day and jump right back to plus money. That's the thing about playing often have to play a bunch to squeeze out the value over time. Not many people are willing to do what it takes. There are no short cuts.

This system by the way (MLB Select Dogs... if you want to call it that)... checks out pretty well looking at past history with a SDQL  database. I will post that another day.. soon but this has proven to be a winning system...over time. 

That's the key...not every season provides a profit but it provides a solid profit over time if you play it out. Hint are going to be hearing a lot more about this concept from me in the future.

And Lastly...another quote from legendary handicapper Jim Barnes.
Pay attention. 

Give some advice to a newcomer learning to handicap.
Jim Barnes :  The best advice that I can give a newcomer to sports betting is, "Learn to lose before you can learn to win."

Study the losers as you always learn more from failing than succeeding, and you are never as good as you think you are on one of those 7-1 days. There will be twice as many 1-7 days.

Yesterday's MLB Early Season Select Dog Tracking Results  1-2-0 33.33% -$25 for a $50 bettor

MLB Select Dog Tracking Picks
02:10 PM BAL +167

04:07 PM LAA +132

07:07 PM CHW +170

10:05 PM  TEX +142

Overall  7-14-0 33.33% -$178.50 for a $50 bettor.

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