Thursday, April 26, 2018

MisterMJ NBA / MLB 4/26.. EMO's and Highly Functional Autistic With Statistics

First of all...I have some thoughts on the NBA Playoff game tonight.

Here is what I think...I like Boston +4.5 at Milwaukee..that is what I think. +4 Would be ok too. 

This is not a "system" play and I would not recommend that you wager a lot on it. But it's not "action" either. I don't do "action". 

I think it's worth playing...but keep it small.

 I keep documented records for all of my system plays but I don't have any systems for the NBA Playoffs. I just "see" something that I expect to have a winning advantage against the spread for this game.

Can't prove take it FWIW.
MLB 4/26

Nothing qualifies today.  And I am still getting some things set not quite at full speed yet.

Here is what I plan on doing for baseball.

I'm only going to use long term systems with a history for my recommended picks to play. 

But what is going to be different is that I'm also going to qualify all of the picks with my own proprietary filters. In effect...A Super System of Systems. 

It will be made up of Winning systems that also pass MY Filters. 

I will find them...process them..filter out the obviousand recommend the best picks to you. Only picks that are in the "sweet spot" of recent statistical and emotional performance. 

 Systems are great but they still often leave out recent performance and that is something that I think I can use to improve overall results of most systems. 

Whether it is SDQL...historical betting systems...ect..

That is what I do...I've been handicapping based on recent statistical performance for 15 years. I've learned some valuable insights in what to look for to beat the spread.

Some things are statistical set ups....some are based on the context of the matchup....and some are based on human emotional factors. 

I like the emo factors the can't find them anywhere or use an SDQL database to find them. Nobody really even talks about human emotion that much.

First you have to spend 15 years looking for them... EMO Factors...and quantifying them (when you can)....and observing them. 

lt's one of the missing ingredients in most handicapping...because nobody is willing to do something that hard to do. Seriously...who is going to do a 15 year experiment to improve their handicapping?

Sometimes it's good to be a highly functional autistic with statistics...I see things because I'm obsessive about them , I guess.  

Just sayin....kind of kidding there...kind of not. ;-)

Never been diagnosed ...but sometimes I go...hmmmm...maybe! 

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