Saturday, April 28, 2018

MisterMJ MLB 4/28...Bucking Bronco's

Note: I will be camping this weekend in the beautiful north woods of Wisconsin....and it's kind of primitive internet. So,  Sunday I will most likely only post to Twitter. 

Two more MLB Cycle picks  qualify today...let's see if we can catch a cycle and start riding it. 

It's like breaking a horse....once you get on and get into a rhythm... you can go for a while. 

The hard part is figuring out how and when to jump on. 

For record keeping purpose I Can NOT play "Listed Pitchers" Only....but obviously for Favorites you might get screwed sometimes if you don't.

 The choice is yours....just know that I can NOT do it. I document my picks and once I enter them...I can't change them and they don't allow playing listed pitchers.

That's kind of the point of having a documented record. I use Covers "Pools" to document.

 I set up my own Office Pool there...and enter the picks. This way I get a realistic line that I can't manipulate or shade...and I can't change the picks once entered. You have to keep it real...or what's the point of this?

 Well other than to try to screw people...I guess that would be the point. I haven't spent 15 years doing this stuff to pretend I know how to handicap.

 If anyone would like a link to my record just ask...anytime. Go to and there is contact info there.

 Personally....I don't even trust most of the Pick Monitor sites. I've heard too many bad stories. I'll write about that one of these days.

Remember...I am tracking these...I might need to make an adjustment....I don't know if this is a finished product yet. 

Be careful until we see if I can "go into cycle" and ride it.

MisterMJ MLB  CYCLE System Tracking (All Wager amounts are assumed $50 for Tracking and Record keeping  Purpose)

ARI at WAS 04:05 PM ARI -137

DET at BAL 07:05 PM DET +135

Record 0-1-0 -$50 for a Fifty Dollar Bettor

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