Saturday, April 21, 2018

MisterMJ MLB 4/21...Dogs and a Fave Today

Milwaukee won as an example of a Filtered Favorite yesterday.

 If you are interested in the method read yesterday's blog post. 

It should be noted that three of the dogs that I filtered out....won. As of right now the filtering has saved us about .2 units. So at least in the short run so harm no foul either way.

I'm going to keep things very simple today.

We have two Filtered Select Dogs and another Filtered Fave. Play them or watch me track them. The choice is yours. 

MLB Filtered Select Dogs
1:05 PM TOR +145
7:10 PM ATL +139

Overall Record  36-52-0   40.91%   +$63.50

MLB Filtered Select Faves

4:05 PM  PHI -173

Record 1-0-0 100% + $50

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