Friday, April 20, 2018

MisterMJ MLB 4/20 Tracking...This Is How Methods & Systems Are Built

No plays today for the Filtered Select Dog System Tracking. (Which means Dogs +128 to +180 are the "Select" part of the equation....and the Filtering means they can't be against a top 20 pitcher...AND they are filtered out for hitting performance. Season, L7 days and Home vs. Away)

Toronto , Miami,  San Fran and Washington were all filtered out as Select Dogs. (Toronto , Miami and San Fran filtered out for a poor hitting parameter....and Washington is going against top 20 pitcher they are a No Play) 

 So far, the filtering has saved about 3.5 units that would have been losses. Good to keep an eye on that.

This next part may get confusing....I am illustrating how to build handicapping systems. If you have an interest I think you can work your way through the basic idea. I wish somebody would have helped me with this stuff 15 years ago. 

 I had to figure it all out from scratch...with nothing to go on. In the long has helped me... to think "out of the box" and come up with ideas that nobody else uses.

Building a System of Filtered Faves
For somebody that loves to build systems and do my own's natural for me to take a look at these four Select Dogs that were filtered OUT as non plays....doesn't it now make sense to look at those match ups and see if we want to play any of the favorites? 

I mean ...after all....we are already saying we think there are reasons NOT to play the dogs that got filtered out.

This is how methods and systems are built. 

So....Milwaukee -153 does qualify as a Filtered Favorite. I'm not telling you to play it...I'm showing you how I came up with it...and I'm going to track the record. Let's see how they do.

Milwaukee is playing a Select Dog (Miami) that got filtered OUT as a non play...(That gets our interest....right?)

And they have hitting parameters that are in the top 10 of the league. (Last 7 and Home) So in effect we want to play ON Favorites that are in the top 10 of hitting parameters vs a team in the bottom 10 of hitting parameters. Jim Barnes says this is more important than pitching. Maybe ...maybe not...but playing around with it like this will teach us things. 

Now keep in mind...this is a very raw's mainly for illustration purposes...but it can also be played as a down and dirty DIY type of handicapping that "might" very well show some profit over the whole season. It might also take some tweaking...mostly I'm trying to give you some idea of the process. 

Anyway...I hope somebody finds this interesting...or useful...or at least gives some insight into following me in the future. Some of the things that I do are based on things like this. 
Today's MLB Filtered Select Dogs

Nothing qualifies today.

Overall Record 36-52-0 40.91% +$63.50 For a Fifty Dollar Bettor

Yesterday's Results 0-1-0 0.00% -$50.00 
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