Tuesday, May 1, 2018

MisterMJ MLB 5/1...Help Me Stalk Philadelphia

Yesterday 1-1-0 50.00% -$35.00

Cycle O/U's are 0-4 and I"m not feeling those at all right now. Not giving up on them, but I'm going to concentrate more on sides for now.

Still trying to get in line with the cycles here....and stalking Philadelphia for an upcoming cycle. 

If anyone comes across info or an article on the Philadelphia Phillies that outlines problems with pitching/hitting or any negative issues... please reply to my Twitter post with the link. 

Baseball is more fun when it's interactive and when we can work together. And it might help me front run the next cycle which might increase our units.

MisterMJ Cycle System Tracking (All wagers are $50 except Large Favorites are risk adjusted in $10 increments so as not to risk more than $50)

KC at BOS 07:10 PM
BOS -290   $20

MIL at CIN 07:10 PM
CIN +112  $50

COL at CHC 08:05 PM
CHC -160  $30

Overall Record 3-5-0 37.50% -$132.50 For a Fifty Dollar Bettor

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