Thursday, October 23, 2014

MisterMJ NBA / NCAAB All Inclusive Package Sign Up

It's hard to believe but it's time for the new NBA season again...and soon the NCAAB. We have had so much success with the NBA that I will only be doing the NCAAB on a very limited basis, depending on how it looks this year. 

Sign up here, and it's still only $29.99 for the all inclusive Package:

Last season we kicked butt in the NBA again. 

The 2013/14 NBA Away Dog System was 28-15-0 65.12 % ATS + $5750 (+11.5 Units)

MisterMJ's NBA Away Dogs System
Overall Record 2011-2013 47-28-1 62.66% ATS  +$8100 +16.2 Units Flat betting 
The 2013/14 NBA Computer Picks were 3-2-0 60% ATS + $400 (+ 1 Unit)

MisterMJ's NBA Computer Picks 
Overall Record 2007-2013 62% ATS  194-119  +$31,550 +63.1 Units Flat betting

Both systems have never had a losing year. The NBA Computer picks go back to 2007 and this is the fourth season for the NBA Away Dogs.

I guarantee the picks...meaning if we don't come out money ahead...the next season is free and I have honored that in the past and never had two losing seasons in a row in any sport.

Also, you can always sign up for the package at