Monday, April 2, 2018

MisterMJ MLB & NCAAB 4/2/18

Are you betting the NCAA Championship game tonight...just because it's the Championship game? Why? Unless you have a clear reason...that is fine...but otherwise...why?

We will be talking more about this type of thing soon. 

I do not have anything for the NCAA Championship Tonight. Neither team comes up as a pick in my ATS scan or PPG scans. 

Yesterday's MLB Early Season Select Dog Tracking Results  04/01/2018 0-3-0 0.00% (-$150) for a $50 bettor. 

4/2 Select Dog Tracking (Assuming $50 Wagers for tracking purpose)
04:10 PM CIN +135

07:07 PM CHW +145

10:05 PM TEX +132

Overall  5-10-0 33.33% -$121 For a $50 bettor

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