Saturday, April 7, 2018

MisterMJ MLB ...Dogs Barking...Quick Notes on NBA Playoffs / NCAAB 4/7

Don't miss my post below about upcoming NBA playoffs ect.

MLB Dogs were barking last night 3-0 +$211.00 for a $50 Bettor

Today's MLB
Sat 4/7 
Early Season Select Dog Tracking

01:05 PM NYM +143

01:05 PM TB +149

02:10 PM SEA +141

04:05 PM MIL +139

06:05 PM MIA +145

Overall Record 14-18-0 43.75% +$117.50 for a Fifty Dollar Bettor

Just a few quick notes trying to catch up on some things around here.

Recapping the NCAA Basketball season a nutshell running the ATS scans and PPG scans at the start of the Conference Tournaments seems the best way to go. I have to tell you...I love what I'm seeing there for future March Madness picks. 

The NCAAB ATS scan ended up  28-18-0 60.87%+$410.00 for a Fifty Dollar Bettor . 
The PPG Scan ended up 17-15-0 53.13% +$25.00 for a Fifty Dollar Bettor.

IF...IF you had played the ATS scan from the Conference Tournaments through the rest of March Madness. We didn't exactly do I'm not trying to say we did...but that is the plan for next season and I think we can all feel free to try to exploit them better from what we learned this season.

My NCAA brackets (posted here)  didn't do very well. I suppose it wasn't the best year for any systematic way of doing it. 

It was the year of the dumb ass in the mail room winning your office pool by wild guessing. But that's all right...if it was easy it wouldn't be any fun. 

My point with the brackets is still this...I still think sticking to pure SRS will get you farther than most anything over the long term. 

SRS would have picked Villanova to win it all this year for that matter, but you might still have been blown up on the other side of the bracket with Virginia losing to a 16 seed and Loyola making it's run. 

And then there is which the regular season is almost done. In the past I haven't had much for the NBA playoffs.

 But this season...I hope to do a little research and try to apply some scans to the NBA playoffs similar to what we did for the NCAA Tournaments. 

It might not apply exactly the same but I'm curious if there is something simple we can use for some success.  If I find something...I will be sharing it here and on Twitter.

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