Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week 4 RECAP

Despite last weeks 1-2 disappointment the computer is doing very well after 4 weeks of picks.

The hard part is over, going forward each teams statistics should help make this easier. I would be really happy with 64% for the year.

Computer Pick 3 Record

7-4-1 63.64% +$1300

Computer Special Situations Record

1-0 +$234"

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Computer NFL Picks Week 4 Sept 28

This weeks 3 Pack of Computer selections.

Carolina has some clear matchup advantages in this game and should be able to pressure Atlanta into some big mistakes according to the computers indicators. If it goes as planned, Carolina simply grinds them up and puts them away in the 4th quarter, decisively.

In Cinncinnati many factors align for an easy over. Emotional factors do not favor defense...the computer expects to see absolutely no defense in this game...none, nada, nothing...a pathetic display of gutless flag football. But it will be good for those on the over. God help the loser, and the winner for that matter. The computer isn't right all the time...but I'll be damned if this doesn't fly way over the 44.5. We should know right away, watch for a TD in the first minute or two of play, if the puter is right about this.

In Oakland, all I can say is it looks ugly on paper. We all have the feeling SD has their act back together. But I have to tell you, there are some very good indicators pointing to a dog cover in this game. When this happens, I just plug my nose and trust the computer. It's usually right.

Sunday, September 28
Game Score Status Pick Amount

Atlanta - 1:00 PM ET Carolina -6.5 $500
Carolina -

Cleveland - 1:00 PM ET Over 44.5 $500
Cincinnati -

San Diego - 4:05 PM ET Oakland +9 $500
Oakland -

Computer Pick 3 Record

6-2-1 75.00% +$1900

Computer Special Situations Record


1-0 +$234

Monday, September 22, 2008

Week 3 Sept 21 Results

Two out of 3 are Winners...I'll take that every week.

Bills Under Loss

Philadelphia Under Win

Green Bay Under Win

Computer Pick 3 Record

6-2-1 75.00% +$1900

Computer Special Situations Record


1-0 +$234"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Week 3 Comments

The 3 best computer picks this week are all unders.

Thats unusual, but I think the computer really likes to fade the two Monday night teams after that track meet divisional game.Should be a big dip in offense this week.

Oakland is on the road again, all the way across the country for an early game. Should be a classic, ugly Buffalo under type game...as long as neither team scores huge on defense.

Friday, September 19, 2008

3 Pack of NFL Computer Picks for Week 3

3 Pack of NFL Computer Picks for Week 3

Good luck!

Sunday, September 21Game Score Status Pick Amount

Oakland - 1:00 PM ET Under 36.5 $500
Buffalo -

Pittsburgh - 4:15 PM ET Under 44.5 $500
Philadelphia -

Dallas - 8:15 PM ET Under 51 $500
Green Bay -"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Week 3 NFL Computer Screens

Week 3 Computer Screens

These are NOT picks.. just a heads up for certain games and situations this week.The ATS records are included to see which screens are working best this year.

The Computer 3 Pack of picks will be out by Friday.

Dog Alert (1-1)

Oakland Raiders +9.5

Fade Alert (1-2-1)

Jets +9.5
Arizona +3
Oakland +9.5
Miami +13
Pittsburgh +3
NO +5.5
NYG -13.5

Highly Motivated (1-1)

St.Louis +9.5

Last weeks 3 Pack of picks were 1-1-1 -$50

Computer NFL Season Record

4-1-1 80.00% +$1450

Monday, September 15, 2008

***NFL Computer Picks*** Week 2 Results

Week 2 Computer NFL Results 1-1-1

Flat week ..no harm no foul. Lost a little juice. I thought it was a really tough week, so I'm just glad its over without any damage.

NFL Chicago 17 Carolina -3 500 PUSH $0
Carolina 20

San Francisco 33 Over 38 500 WON + $500
Seattle 30

San Diego 38 San Diego -1 500 LOSS -$550
Denver 39

Computer NFL Season Record

4-1-1 80.00% +$1450"

Friday, September 12, 2008

NFL Week 2 Wrap Up

Just to wrap up the picks this week.

Carolina -3

Chicago is not going to have nearly as easy a week this week...they just happened to hit Indy in a really bad spot with their injuries..Not to mention starting off 2 weeks on the road...not easy to do.

The computer says just get the Indy game out of your head...Chicago is not nearly as good as they looked. Take away Forte's 50 yard run and he was just average. An average running game will not be enough to make the Bears look good again.

Carolina at home this week is solid value. And don't worry about Carolina's poor home trend.Could be a low scoring close one though.

SD -1 (Now moved to +1)
The computer sees a solid rebound play here against Denver coming off a short week...and a game that was maybe too easy.

Denver has to prove they can do it against a good team...San Diego needs this one more. Hint...Denver didn't exactly stop the Raiders as much as the Raiders stopped themselves. Value goes to SD here.

49'ers / Seahawks Over 38

This doesn't look all that good on paper...how will the Seahawks even score? The computer sees other things. Bank on two teams over performing on offense this week...motivated professionals get it done...even if they are no-names.

It's not a pick but I like SF +7 as the best dog this week...it was really close to being a pick, but the computer is conservative until week 4.

The first couple of weeks are the toughest...if the computer can hit 2 out of 3 here...that would be great.

Good luck!

NFL Week 2 Writeup

NFL Week 2 Writeup

Computer Report

Dog Alert (Possible dog ATS winners)
St. Louis +9
Cleveland +6

Fade Alert (Possible fades, to play against)
Chicago +3
Arizona -6.5
Philly +7
Miami +6.5

Highly Motivated (Emotional factors are lined up for a rebound)
SF +9
St. Louis +9

These are NOT picks...I'm just sharing what comes up in my screens. It's good information to have to narrow down the picks.

Some years you can make really good money playing these...but I consider them only part of the process. The computer considers these factors into making the 3 best picks.

I will follow up with more information on the actual picks Friday."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NFL Week 2 Picks

Sunday, September 14
3 Pack of Picks


Chicago - 1:00 PM ET
Carolina -

Carolina -3 $500

San Francisco - 4:00 PM ET
Seattle -

Over 38 $500

San Diego - 4:15 PM ET

San Diego -1 $500

I want to get these out early this week. Good luck!

I may have a couple of special situation picks later in the week.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

***Computer NFL Picks*** Week 1 Record

"The computer sweeps week 1

Computer Special Situations Record


1-0 +$234


Computer Pick 3 Record: 3-0-0

Units: +$1500"

NFL Week 2 Picks will be posted Thursday night or Friday.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

NFL Week 1

Giants ML winner. A great way to start.

Computer Select ML Record
1-0 +$234

Computer 3 Pack Week 1 NFL

Sunday, September 7

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Seattle - 1:00 PM ET Buffalo -1 $500
Buffalo -

Dallas - 4:15 PM ET Under 49 $500
Cleveland -

Chicago - 8:15 PM ET Under 44 $500
Indianapolis -

The computer sees tremendous value with Buffalo only giving up a point at home against Seattle. A very large projected advantage that frankly I don't see myself...but I've learned to trust the computer with this.

Dallas/Clev Under 49 is a solid under selection with preseason statistics and historic performance suggesting a +67% chance of an under. Watch out for Clev this year...the computer doesn't think much of them at all right now.

Chicago / Indy Under 44 another strong under selection based on Chicago's incredibly poor offense and key injuries in the Indy offensive triangle that history suggests will take some time to work out. Again...a high chance of underperformance in scoring in this game.

P.S. I changed my mind again...I will not be offering the volume picks...I have two nice systems going here...thats enough. I don't need to bring the experiments in and complicate things. If the experiment works...I will share it.

Good luck!

2008/2009 NFL season ***Computer NFL Picks***

2008/2009 NFL season ***Computer NFL Picks***

The computer gives me the best 3 picks each week and thats what I will be providing here...along with a little write up.

Last year hit a solid 64% ATS picking 3 picks per week during the regular season, and I came in second place in an NFL contest across the street.There are no guarantees past success will continue but the system uses a lot of statisitics I have developed since 2004 with countless hours of research, and it is very flexible. The computer program will use what is working best automatically.

I only flat bet the NFL, I don't believe in assigning value or star systems.The picks are documented at Wagerline, and I use their lines. They usually put out a very fair line that represent what is readily available offshore.

Good luck and I hope to share some solid NFL picks and information for the upcoming season.

Weekly NFL picks will usually be made later in the week on Friday...unless there are injury or other issues involved.