Sunday, April 1, 2018

MisterMJ MLB 4/1/18

People are asking for more info on me...just scroll to the bottom of this post for more options.

I don't want anyone to miss what is going to happen here. Big plans...I'm going to war...I need a tribe of like minded souls to shake up this ridiculous gambling world we all know is mostly Bull Shit. 

Yesterday's MLB  Select Spring Dogs  Results 03/31  1-2-0 (-$33.50) for a $50 bettor. 

Can't win them all...we won't win them all. This system (idea really)  is attempting to grind out value from under priced Dogs during the first month of the season. It will have ups and downs...count on it...and we may not find value this season. 

The idea is that nobody really knows anything yet...until the teams play a little bit. So we are taking all of the "optimal dog lines"...those between +128 to +180 and tracking them. 

I like to keep it for record keeping purposes we assume all wagers are $50 Bucks. 

For the rich bastards betting way too much...just add a zero if that makes you feel better.  ;-)

4/1 Sun. 
Select Spring Dogs

01:10 PM NYM +131

03:05 PM TEX +147

08:37 PM SF +167

Overall Record for 2018  
5-7-0 41.67% +$29.00 For a $50 bettor

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