Friday, September 25, 2009

NFL Pick 3 Week #3 Friday Sept 25

Pick 3 Free Computer Picks

We've had a slow start so far...obviously I'm hoping things start to pick up here.

I will just keep working the system and things will go our way.

Good luck!

Sunday, September 27

Game Score Status Pick Amount
N.Y. Giants - 1:00 PM ET Tampa Bay +6.5 500
Tampa Bay -

Tennessee - 1:00 PM ET Tennessee +1 500
N.Y. Jets -

New Orleans - 4:05 PM ET Under 51.5 500
Buffalo -

Pick 5 Record (Available with $25 donation)

4-6-0 40.00% -1300

Friday, September 18, 2009

NFL Pick 3 Week #2 Friday Sept 18

NFL Pick 3 Week #2

Sunday, September 20

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Carolina - 1:00 PM ET Carolina +6.5 500
Atlanta -

Pittsburgh - 4:15 PM ET Chicago +3 500
Chicago -

Monday, September 21

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Indianapolis - 8:30 PM ET Miami +3 500
Miami -

0-3-0 0.00% -$1650

Saturday, September 12, 2009

NFL Pick 3 Vs. Pick 5 Comparison

The Pick 5 is still available for a small $25 donation...I am still receiving a lot of emails from people who could not meet the Friday deadline or wanted to see last years record.

If you still want the Pick 5 I will still accept donations.

But please be patient, I do have other things to do today.

It may take me a couple of hours to get back to you after Paypal emails me your donation or Sunday morning up to 10 am. CST.

I wanted to wrap this up, but it seems many people have waited or could not sign up until the weekend. ( Degenerates...LOL)



NFL Computer Picks 08 Season (Pick 3)


NFL Computer Picks 08 Season (Pick 5)


Friday, September 11, 2009

NFL Pick 3 Week # 1 Friday Sept 11

Here we go. Good luck!

Reminder! If you still want the Pick 5 system...please make your $25 donation by midnight tonight!

I recommend flat betting all of these for 1 unit...that's how I do it. No pick is any better than any other pick.

Determine what your unit size is for your size of bankroll.

For record keeping purposes only, I use $500 per wager.

I use Wagerline to document the picks. You may find a better or worse line at your book.

Wagerline usually gives a pretty fair line that is available at any good book, and that is what I will use.



Sunday, September 13

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Philadelphia - 1:00 PM ET Under 43.5 500
Carolina -

Denver - 1:00 PM ET Cincinnati -4 500
Cincinnati -

Dallas - 1:00 PM ET Under 39 500
Tampa Bay -

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

NFL Picks Week 1( Pick 3 and Pick 5)

At this time I do not see a pick for the Thursday night opening NFL game.

I will release the NFL WEEK 1 picks early Friday here at the blog for free Pick 3 ...
and by email if you donated for the Pick 5 package.

If you have signed up for the Pick 5 package I will be sending out a "TEST" email tonight.


If you do not receive the "TEST" email by Thursday morning, or have any other issue, please contact me by using the email button here at the blog.

I would prefer all communication come through the blogs email button when possible.

Please keep the email communications for important matters only.

Congratulations, bitching or other small talk is best done at my NFL thread in the Rx forum here:

Or leave a message in my blog post.

Thank you for your support...and Good luck to us this season!

P.S. I will only accept Pick 5 donation sign ups until midnight Friday CST...I have to wrap up the loose ends before Saturday if at all possible.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NFL Pick 5 and Donations

I really underestimated the response for people wanting the NFL "Pick 5" picks.


I'm forced to rethink how I am going to handle this and have it not be a burden for me...and still be fair to everyone involved.

This is the best I can do.

If you have already donated ANY amount in the past you will be grandfathered into this years NFL pick 5 selections. I have a list of all past donors...I will make sure you are included and thank you again for your support. It helps...a lot.

If you were one of the larger donors in the past, I will make sure you receive extra value going forward.

For all the people that have recently contacted me by email...any donation of $25 or more made by midnight Friday will receive the NFL Pick 5. I need to wrap this all up by late Friday to prepare for the new season. Please use the donation button on the blog if possible. You do not need to have a paypal account to use it. It is safe and encrypted. If you must send a check contact me by email...again paypal is much easier for all concerned.

I'm not very comfortable charging for picks...but a $25 donation is ridiculously low for all the free picks and now the Pick 5.

My goal is to provide a lot of very good sports picks for little or no donation. It looks like this might work out for everyone if the people that really want a little extra, in effect pay for all the free stuff and my time.

Or...if I'm wrong and people think it is too much...that's fine. We can scale it all back and just do the free stuff, and I can just keep things simple with the NFL Pick 3.

The Pick 5 more than doubled the units won last year over the Pick people have choices and I will never charge for what has been free in the past.

Fair enough I'd say...or to hell with ya. LOL!

Best regards,


P.S. A comparison of the 3 Pack record vs. the 5 Pack record last year.

NFL Computer Picks 08 Season
(Pick 3)


NFL Computer Picks 08 Season (Pick 5)


Monday, September 7, 2009

NFL 09 Regular Season is Here !

I've been asked by many if I'm going to start charging for my picks...the answer is NO. But I'm not afraid to ask for your support, as I know I try to provide a very very good service for free.

I'll keep this short and sweet.

If you have done well with my picks, NBA, MLB RL System or past NFL... donations are accepted through the PayPal button upper right of my blog...I don't ask for much, but if each of you made a small donation it would at least help pay for my time.

I spend at least an hour or two per day...every day to keep this all going. And yes...I do make nice money off my picks myself...but it's only fair...I would like to cover my time and effort when I provide a service with a winning record.

If you don't want to make a donation...I do not require it...they are "free picks"...and will remain so as long as I feel like doing this. Other ways to support my efforts are to tell your friends...the more members that sign up for the email service gives me more opportunities for ads and donations. Also...each post has a small envelope symbol below it that allows you to email my post to a friend to help spread the word.

Thank You! in advance... and I look forward to the new NFL Season and very soon a new NBA Season.


P.S. I will provide the "3 Pack" of NFL picks...3 per week for the regular season for free as I always have.

Last year I also experimented with a "5 Pack" ...5 picks per week of the regular season and it more than doubled the units won.

If anyone is interested in the "5 Pack" ...they are available by request with special restrictions.

Click the email button in the upper right of the blog to email me for more information.

NFL 09 Preseason Wrap Up

I want to wrap up the 09 NFL Preseason...not much to brag about this year...we lost 1 unit on the juice.

It's mainly just for entertainment value until the season starts anyway.

Last year was great...this year was flat.

Preseason is hard to do...but its better than nothing while we wait for the real games. I'll try to do it again next year and see what happens.

If it makes anyone feel better the Preseason system is completely unrelated to the regular season system.

Pre Season 09 Record

Date WLT Pct Net Units Record
08/28/09 0-1-0 0.00% -550 Detail
08/27/09 1-0-0 100.00% +500 Detail
08/22/09 2-1-0 66.67% +450 Detail
08/21/09 0-3-0 0.00% -1650 Detail
08/15/09 2-2-0 50.00% -100 Detail
08/14/09 3-1-0 75.00% +950 Detail
08/13/09 2-2-0 50.00% -100 Detail
08/09/09 0-0-1 0.00% 0 Detail
Totals 10-10-1 50.00% -500
2009-2010 SeasonWLTPctUnitsRank
ATS Picks7-10-141.18%-20004578 of 5871
O/U Picks3-0-0100.00%+1500690 of 5156
All Picks10-10-150.00%-5002766 of 5938