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MisterMJ MLB 4/15...."Priming the Pump"

Let's keep it real for the MLB Select Dogs...the Downs come with the Ups. 
Please read my little story below called "Priming the Pump" as it relates to this.

MLB Select Dogs  still up nearly +7 Units  / $50 = 1 Unit For Tracking Purpose

Yesterday's MLB Results Early Season Dog Trackers
1-5-0 16.67% -$172 50 For a Fifty Dollar Bettor

Overall 33-42-0 44.00% +$347.00 For a Fifty Dollar Bettor  
Today's MLB Early Season Select Dog Tracking
Sun. 4/15

01:10 PM CIN +153

02:20 PM ATL +160

07:10 PM DET +135
Priming the Pump

The term "Priming the Pump" comes from the old fashioned hand water pumps in which you had to pour water into a suction valve in the pump before you could get it to pump water out of the well. 

You had to "Prime" it order to get the action you in pumping water. 

"Priming the Pump" is a very fascinating term as it relates to human psychology in my opinion, and it relates directly to sports bettors and the "Greed" receptors in our brains.

Let me tell you a personal story to illustrate my point.

A few years ago at an Indian Casino in Florida I found myself with my girlfriend and a small group of people. As we had never been there before it was custom for new customers to sign up and get the casino's rewards card which gave the benefit of some free tokens to play the slot machines with ect. 

Now yes...this is an example of "Priming the Pump" was a marketing strategy by the casino to get new players to start playing the slots. Whatever money was lost by the casino in doing this was quickly replaced by new profits from the new customers that were "hooked" so to speak into playing.

I think we all get this to some extent...we know what they are big deal.

Now here is where it gets interesting....

I can't prove it...but what happened next illustrates my point whether it was actually a type of conspiracy by the casino or not. It could have been a random coincidence...doesn't even matter.

I played my tokens on one of the dedicated slot machines that you had to play them on...and Bam! ...I won $400 Dollars within a few pulls. Wow...right? That's the start of a good night. 

Except not me...I was done. That's how I am and I realize I am one of the few that can do that. But I got extreme enjoyment by cashing out...buying drinks for everyone all night and having the best steak in the restaurant later that evening. 

I had fun with it...and manufactured a good memory for everyone in my group.

A small unexpected windfall turned into a great evening and some stories to tell. Not bad for a sleepy Thursday night with nothing else to do.

My girlfriend had exactly the same thing happen to her...on the same machine no less. A couple of pulls and Bam! $400 Dollar winner....Woo Hoo! Everyone was laughing and having a good ol time.

I'm not sure but I suspect some of the others ended up spending MORE than they would have that night gambling BECAUSE of how the night started out with two people winning $400 Bucks.

That's "Priming the Pump"...and the casino knows full well that in the long run they will recoup more money back than they will lose...even handing out $400 Bucks like that...because hardly anyone is like me just putting it in my pocket.

The story of my girlfriend is the most interesting. After winning that $400 she got a glean in her eye that is hard to explain but she was gone the rest of the night. She wanted to turn that $400 into a few thousand. She couldn't get it out of her head to win one of the slots' progressive pots because she had a free shot at it. 

Of course she ended up losing the whole $400 AND then couldn't help herself and lost a couple hundred more of her own money. She ended up in a sour mood...the experience wasn't even fun for her. If I brought it up later...she never wanted to talk about it. It was a BAD experience. 

She couldn't handle her emotions and what "Priming the Pump" did to her. It got her into an excited state...she became greedy and ended up losing more than she had intended on spending in the first place.

When you have a winning run...or win some large's the same thing for you. When you fail to have a plan or use money management...this is what is happening to you. 

It's not any's not enjoyable....and you will never win in the long run without controlling your emotions and having a plan. 

If I can do anything...please start thinking about these things and lets see if I can start showing you a better way to approach all of this.


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