Tuesday, April 10, 2018

MIsterMJ MLB Tues. 4/10 and ...500 Unit Bombs !

Let's keep it real...1 unit = $50 for Record Keeping purpose.

No "500 Unit Bombs" here...real handicapping systems.. real records... for real people

Yesterday's Results 2-2-0 50.00% +$48.50 for a Fifty Dollar Bettor. 

The Dogs were still barking yesterday...or at least yipping and yapping a little. 

Today's MLB Tues. 4/10
Early Season Select Dog Tracking

02:20 PM       PIT +133
06:10 PM       DET +175
07:10 PM       MIA +173
8:10 PM        MIN +142
8:15 PM        MIL +163
08:40 PM        SD +144

Overall Record 23-26-0 46.94% +$388.00  For a Fifty Dollar Bettor

Red Flags that a "handicapper" is NOT a handicapper but is just "MARKETING"

Using F-Bombs to explain today's picks.
Pictures of fast women and fast cars. 

That's all for today...now lets watch these Fucking Select Dogs Bark and Bust Your Bookie !  ;-)

Ok...I couldn't help myself...I guess I do it too...a little bit...but you get my drift. 

For the most part...could some of this stuff you see out there be any more ridiculous?

Good luck today if you are playing.


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