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Last Call MisterMJ NBA/NCAAB Sign Up

Last call...the season has started and the system picks will start qualifying within days. 

I'd like to see you come aboard again...or as a new subscriber.

2015/16 NBA/ NCAAB Season Records
The NBA Away Dogs 20-8-1 71.43%
NBA Home Dogs 9-5-1 64.29%
NBA Computer Picks 3-2-0 60.00 %
Experimental NBA Consensus Fades 33-28  54.09%

And while it was a flat year for harm no foul with an 8-8-0 record overall. Sooner or later it will be College Basketball that is on fire again. 

The NBA/NCAAB Package is still just $29.99 for the whole season...All Inclusive.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Reminder # 2 MisterMJ NBA/NCAAB

Reminder # 2 for the upcoming NBA/NCAA Basketball seasons. 

The Basketball systems are the best thing I have...I don't know why... but the records are nearly unbelievable over the long term and nearly every season something catches absolute fire.

Last season was one of the best ever because of some incredible NBA System Picks,  which have been producing season after season after season. The NBA is how I made my name in this business.

2015/16 NBA/ NCAAB Season Records
The NBA Away Dogs 20-8-1 71.43%
NBA Home Dogs 9-5-1 64.29%
NBA Computer Picks 3-2-0 60.00 %
Experimental NBA Consensus Fades 33-28  54.09%

And while it was a flat year for harm no foul with an 8-8-0 record overall. Sooner or later it will be College Basketball that is on fire again. 

The NBA and NCAAB Package is still just $29.99 for the whole season...All Inclusive.

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Past results do not guarantee future success,  but it's a far better bet than not having any history to go on.


Friday, October 14, 2016

MisterMJ NBA / NCAAB Sign Up

Basketball is here ...and last season was one of the best ever because of some incredible NBA System Picks,  which have been producing season after season after season. 

2015/16 NBA/ NCAAB Season Records
The NBA Away Dogs 20-8-1 71.43%
NBA Home Dogs 9-5-1 64.29%
NBA Computer Picks 3-2-0 60.00 %
Experimental NBA Consensus Fades 33-28  54.09%

And while it was a flat year for harm no foul with an 8-8-0 record overall. Sooner or later it will be College Basketball that is on fire again. 

The NBA and NCAAB Package is still just $29.99 for the whole season...All Inclusive.

Help me out and help yourself out by signing up today...because it lowers my costs to get this out of the way ASAP.... and you won't forget to sign up for what has proven to be "free money" by simply following my best handicapping systems. 

Past results do not guarantee future success,  but it's a far better bet than not having a history to go on.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

MisterMJ NFL Week # 3 Thoughts and Picks

The NFL Week  #3 and sometimes week #4 are good for bounce-backs with teams that have struggled, and it's also good for some regression in teams that started off well. 

There is  line value in the public's over-reaction to early season wins and losses, in other words.

For NFL Week # 3 I like Tampa Bay -5, Jacksonville +1.5, Buffalo +3.5, and Indianapolis -2.5

All of these are home teams which I think is important at this point in the season. 

All of these match ups have some element of expecting a bounce back in performance...or going against an opponent off of a big win, or both.

I still recommend caution..keep your wagers small is my recommendation. They are still just guesses until we run the System Picks.

It may be safest to play all of them to spread out the risk...just keep your wagers smaller than what you would bet on with the system picks.

Good luck to us. 

It's not too late to sign up for the NFL & NCAAF All Inclusive Package. We are just getting started in the next week or so after we get a few more stats to work with.

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Monday, September 5, 2016

"NFL 2016" Contrarian NFL Thoughts and Ideas on the Tennessee Titans

I'm a statistical "Systems" and situational sports handicapper...for the most part anyway, which means the first part of the season is generally reserved for watching and waiting for statistics to build up on each team.

While we wait for that to happen it might be fun to try out some thoughts and ideas for possibly finding some other angles on the 2016 NFL season.

One idea I've had is contrarian thinking on the NFL now being a "Passing League". There is no question that is has become one...but are teams now going too far?...and possibly over reacting to the point that it can be exploited by a good running team?

I think it's a fun idea to explore and if we happened to find something to exploit that way...we would be a couple of years ahead of the curve before others would catch on.

That's how you find handicapping opportunities...that's the way you have to think. That is the "Mindset" you must have. That is the "MisterMJ Way".

This may not work, and it doesn't matter. You can't ever be afraid to challenge the status quo, stretch your mind and opinions and go against the grain sometimes. Or at least I think so anyway.

Along these lines, I'm wondering if there will be opportunity this season with the Tennessee Titans, in particular. Perhaps other teams will also come to mind as we do this.

Tennessee is not considered to be a very good team and Las Vegas has their Wins O/U at 5.5 

I'm not so much concerned with wins but of course we are interested in over performance and covering the spread.

Tennessee is in a good spot to "possibly" surprise people this season if they can dominate with their run game. The offensive line has shown some signs of improving and being on the upswing this preseason. Coach Mularky and the GM have stated they are committed to building a physical run based team.

This looks like something to keep a close eye on to me. 

I haven't even mentioned the Titans running backs of Demarco Murray and Heisman winner Derrick Henry who looks like a beast so far in preseason action. 

We are going to track this here all season with follow up articles. 

However...the first week of the season has Tennessee vs. Minnesota and the Vikings have one of the top run defenses per Cold Hard Football Facts statistics from last season...and I do happen to love their statistics.

For week # 1 we'll just watch and see what happens. But we will be taking a close look at the weekly matchups and see if there is anything to my idea when we come against a poor run defense.

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*Documented at Wagerline:
*Documented at Wagerline:

Friday, September 2, 2016

NFL Preseason 2016 Notes and Wrap Up. What Can We Learn?

Looking back on the 2016 NFL Preseason what are some of  the take aways? What can we learn  and maybe use for next season to form a template and hit the ground running?

Overall betting on dogs was the winning method going 30-24-1 55.56%  ATS  using closing lines at

Dogs seem to do best the first two weeks of the Preseason and it makes sense as nobody can analyze what is going to happen anyway, when coaches are evaluating their teams rather than game planning or scheming to win. Getting the points on games that are anybody's guess ...or a coin flip if you will...seems logical.

After the first two weeks of the Preseason, Dogs were  17-9-0 65.38% ATS. I think we would all take that. It probably will not happen like that every year, but over time I don't think you would get hurt just exploiting the dogs for the first two weeks every year.Something to watch.

Week # 3 is the week for dress rehearsals and things change. We did well with our analysis here and I laid out the simple method for picking the Chiefs winner in two articles:

MisterMJ NFL Preseason Handicapping 101 Part 1

Week #4 Went back to a slight bias toward the dogs overall 7-6-0 53.85 % ATS overall. 

Not really much to go on there, but then realize that the Week #4 Over/ Unders were 11-5-0 68.75% UNDER this season, and looking back to 2015 were 10-6-0 62.5% UNDER for NFL Preseason Week #4. Something to consider next season and again it makes some sense if defense is ahead of offense at this point of the season, as the saying goes anyway.

Preseason Game Plan and Template for Next Year
1. Consider Dogs the first two weeks of the Preseason. Playing all of them with small wagers as a volume system may capture units. Probably not every year, but over time it may have a dog bias.

2. In Week # 3 of dress rehearsals follow the plan in the two handicapping articles listed above. Basically look for QB/bench mismatches and coaches comments on long playing times for established starters vs. a team not doing that or with injury problems or a shallow bench.

3. In Week # 4 of the Preseason , as outlined above, we should take a look at playing Unders if the linesmakers continue to shade the lines too much to overs. 

That should just about do it for our look at the 2016 NFL Preseason. 

This is all meant to be very basic stuff. But these are building blocks for the regular season and they are building blocks for more advanced systems. 

You have to start somewhere, and this was a first in a series of "Handicapping 101" methods for the "MisterMJ Way".

For the regular season I will show you how to use Statistics Tables to track various statistical elements of the NFL game to use as part of a handicapping method I call the "10/10".

We'll start getting into that in the weeks ahead.

Sooner or may want to subscribe to the NFL/NCAAF All Inclusive Package to receive my most advanced Systems Picks delivered weekly by email. 

Sit back relax...just let me do all the work.

Sometimes we strike gold, last year we did pretty well, not golden but pretty darn good.

Last season the NFL/NCAAF All Inclusive Package was 20-14-1 58.82% ATS combined for the paid subscription picks including NFL Playoffs and College Bowl Games.

Just Pretend you had bet $50 on each pick last would be ahead over $250 including paying just $29.99...once... for the All Inclusive Package.

Who wouldn't have wanted a Free $250.00 ?????

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Thanks, MJ

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

MisterMJ NFL Preseason Free Pick Sept 1 8:00 PM ET

We hit our NFL Free Pick last week with Kansas City  and we have a decent shot again this week with the Green Bay Packers as +3.5 point dogs at Kansas City.

Trying to handicap NFL Preseason games is challenging, but suppose there are some details that might sway things our way?

Realize that the  Packers have won four of their last five preseason finales, according to 

I think it's fair to say that McCarthy plays to win while evaluating Packer teams that have been very deep in talent, and this particular team is the deepest, maybe ever, which means there may be an advantage against Kansas City later in the game playing scrubs vs. scrubs.

From back up QB's to the back end of the Wide Receivers, Offensive line and Defensive backs, Green Bay is loaded. Even their scrubs should play a competitive game and many of the cuts will make other teams 53 man rosters.

Over the last two years, Green Bay has outscored its opponents, 72-24, in Week 4 of the preseason, according to

Andy Reid is 6-11 in game # 4 of the Preseason during his coaching lifetime. He seems to let his foot off the gas a little bit in game # 4.

I suggest caution and wouldn't wager very much on a Preseason game, save it for the regular season because that is when we rack up the units with proven handicapping systems.

 And sooner or later our System Picks find gold, and have one of those magical blow out seasons to remember.

Which is why you should consider signing up for this years NFL/NCAAF All Inclusive Package because it's still guaranteed and it's still just $29.99. And we did a pretty good job last season, not magical, but pretty good. 

2015 NFL and College Record 20-14-1 58.82% ATS combined for paid subscription picks including NFL Playoffs and Bowl games.

Sign Up Here for the 2016 NFL/NCAAF Picks, and it's still only $29.99 For the All Inclusive Package
Free Pick

Take Green Bay +3.5 tonight at Kansas City at 8:00 PM ET.
Preseason NFL Record 1-0

Good luck to us.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

MisterMJ NFL Preseason Handicapping 101 Part 2

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MisterMJ NFL Preseason Handicapping 101 teaching the
"MisterMJ Way" Part 2 of 2

 Part 1 Here

Everything points to the Chiefs at the Bears as the Week # 3  NFL Preseason  game to look at this week.

And after looking at this game in more detail, I am recommending an NFL Preseason wager on the Chiefs -1( it's good up to -3 in my opinion if the line slips a little bit)

In general here was my method. It's not so much a formula but teaching one way to look at Preseason match ups.

1. First I googled: "nfl preseason records" and the third link down from the top gave me this link:
NFL Betting Trends: Preseason Records

2. Open that link and look at the tables provided. You will see some extensive information and history of NFL coaching Preseason records and a breakdown by each week of the Preseason. Notice also it is NOT against the spread but just Wins/Loss. That's still gives us a good idea which coaches seem to value week # 3 more than others.

3.In the bottom table "Coaches Records by Week" in Week # 3 several coaches records stand out best. Andy Reid's is one of those which stands at 11-6 in week # 3. That's 17 years of history and suggests that Andy takes his week # 3 tune up seriously. 

4. John Fox is also 8-6 in week # 3 which isn't too bad but there are other factors explained below that tilts this match up in the Chiefs favor..."maybe"...we can never be too sure. This is preseason. We are taking educated guesses here. Be careful. Don't wager too much, have fun with it and get ready for the regular season.

Now let's look at some coaches comments and see if we can seal the deal on taking the Chiefs.
Andy Reid said that the number one’s on offense and defense may play into the third quarter during what is normally the dress rehearsal game for the upcoming season.

There we go...that is what I'm looking for. We are going to get plenty of action from the starters on the Chiefs. The Chiefs are pretty deep in some areas so even with back up QB Nick Foles a veteran with many starts,they are in pretty good hands. This is about as good an outlook that we can get. Nothing is for sure but this is what we want.

Now let's look at the Bears...and it's ugly. Decimated by injuries already it's going to be a hodge podge of camp bodies filling slots. 

Oh and they have a "bug" going around too. Doesn't get much better than this.

Other Bears rookies are dealing with illnesses. Cornerback Deiondre’ Hall left practice early Tuesday after vomiting on the field. Receiver Kieren Duncan and linebacker Jarrett Grace sat out.
“A little bit of a bug going around,” Fox said.
Here is another comment...suggesting the Bears will be playing their scrubs:
with Saturday's dress rehearsal for the regular season approaching in the third preseason game against Kansas City, the Bears' injury situation only seems to get worse by the day.
"We've got plenty of bodies — we're at 90 players," coach John Fox said Sunday. "At this point you've got plenty of guys out here.
"It gives us a chance to look at some other guys and give them an opportunity to catch our eye."

 There you go...plenty of good reasons to take the Chiefs in my opinion. 

Saturday August 27 1:00 PM ET KC Chiefs @ Chicago Bears.

Take the Chiefs -1(and up to -3) 

Good luck to us. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

MisterMJ NFL Preseason Handicapping 101 Part 1

Look for more content and more "how to" handicapping articles here in the future. It's time to give back, teach and share over a decade of lessons learned in this "art" of sports handicapping.

I've always done things different and never accepted conventional wisdom. It's something I will call...the "MisterMJ Way".

MisterMJ NFL Preseason Handicapping 101 teaching the
"MisterMJ Way" Part 1 of 2

The 2016 NFL Preseason Week # 3 is upon us and generally week # 3 is my favorite week to place an NFL Preseason Wager...if I'm going to do the dirty deed.

Preseason NFL betting is often maligned and looked down upon by many as either stupid, crazy, undisciplined, degenerate or whatever.

I used to think that myself. I'm now of the opinion that there are opportunities to carefully exploit and it's a good warm up for the regular season. I would never go too crazy with it, but let's look at some easy, simple, and often profitable opportunities that present themselves year after year.

Namely what I like to look at in week #3 of the Preseason is for coaches that use this week as their dress rehearsal for the regular season. 

In the past couple of years there has also been a break from this tradition by some, to use week #4 so you have to get it right. 

If we can find a team that is in dress rehearsal vs. a team that is waiting for another week....that's better yet.

Usually a reading of the coaches comments, press conferences or skimming articles will give you the information that you need. If you can't confirm, do not guess. Move on.

What do we want to look for?

The best situations can be a young QB that needs his reps who is on the upswing as the established starter but the coach is still coaching him up. These type of situations can give you one whole half and sometimes into the third quarter with a starting QB playing. 

That's what it comes down want top QB play and or RB/WR play into the preseason game as long as possible. Newer coaches and young teams on the upswing often have the best opportunities or teams with solid backups.

Of course you also have to consider the skill positions he has on the field with him and if there is a good young running back that needs to make a statement game for the regular season opener all the better, but it seems that this is becoming a rarer event than in the past with the emphasis on the passing game more than ever. 

What I'm trying to get across isn't so much a strict formula but I'm teaching you the mindset of the "types" of things you want to consider and look for. Some of you may already look at these things and that is fine, but this is a handicapping 101 article that talks to the basics. We will build from here.

There can be many variations of what I just described but the take home message is look for "situations" which will give you better and motivated talent on the field for the longest possible time, in hopes of more scoring than your opponent with his 2nd or 3rd string QB playing the whole game with scrubs.

For instance...if it's 1993 again, and Mike Holmgren just said in his press conference that he wants to play Brett Favre well into the 3rd quarter with the starting offense to make sure the kid is ready for the opener...well there you go. 

 It's never that easy but at some point there are opportunities that are like that if you do the work and the reading, and have the imagination to think and find the opportunities. 

What about defense? 

Yeah no kidding, this is starting to get complicated. What if the coach wants the starters to play on offense but is going to play the scrubs on defense to find out who he has to cut?

I didn't say this was easy...try to rule out an obvious situation first such as an injury riddled defense or a bad defense still trying to figure out position battles.

In general, If I find a very good situation with the offense and there isn't reason to believe the defense will be a mess,  I just go with it in a preseason game as some of this is still unpredictable.

You pick your best spots, let good situations come to you and don't chase bad preseason opportunities just to have a wager. Sometimes it doesn't work out for a wager...let it go...the regular season is coming.

What are you doing betting on a Preseason game anyway? ;-)

In Part 2 we will take this a step further and look at coaching records breakdowns and try to nail down an opportunity for this upcoming week.

End of Part 1...look for Part 2 in a day or so.

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MisterMJ 2016 NFL/NCAAF Sign UP/ NFL Preseason Tip

NFL action is here , and there is  a very profitable (and simple) NFL Preseason angle I will share below, currently hitting 13-6   +68% ATS.

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Documented at Wagerline:
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Last season the NFL and College was 20-14-1 58.82% ATS combined for the paid subscription picks.
MisterMJ NFL Free Tip

NFL Preseason Dogs are currently 13-6-0   +68% ATS per Wagerline using closing lines.

Next week is usually the week many coaches do their regular season dress rehearsal. Reading coaches comments can sometimes find profitable preseason information added to  bench depth mismatches. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

MisterMJ MLB Free Pick / Last Call Sat. April 23

Last call for MLB All Inclusive Package Sign-UP. Daily emailed system picks. 

MLB Still $29.99 Sign Up Here:

I've included a copy of today's email for MLB subscribers posted below as today's FREE Pick. 

MLB April 23, 2016

It's always nice to get the first one with the Pirates last night.

 Soon we will settle in and just keep whacking at these dogs most every day...some days we will have a couple of them or possibly three.

I recommend that you play them for a smaller amount to eliminate the emotions of the ups and downs of a volume system. One pick doesn't mean very much to's working the volume where we hope to leverage the value with dog lines.

I also recommend that you flat bet them for the same amount all season. My research suggest this will provide better long term returns. Use discipline and stick to the plan.

My next plan is to take a look at Consensus O/U's  similar to what we did in the NBA this season.  I'll try to roll that out tomorrow.

As always, the picks and more information are included at the bottom of this email.

Good luck.


MLB Saber Sides (This is a volume system. The idea is to play on a lot of dog picks to leverage long term value of a system approach. My recommendation is to play them for smaller amounts to help eliminate the emotional rollercoaster. There will be ups and downs with playing dogs, but we can capture the value, over time. Sometimes it's spectacular...most times it's a grind it out process, but it works.)

SEA at LAA 09:05 PM ET SEA +116

* We will always play these as "action", NOT Listed pitchers

2016 Record 1-0-0 +1.15 Units

Sunday, April 10, 2016

MisterMJ 2016 MLB Sign Up

We should be able to start using Saber Stats to look for MLB Dog value picks very soon this next week. 

The Saber Sides System put up nearly +28 units total in 2014 but was flat last year. 

MLB records included below.

MLB Still $29.99 Sign Up Here:

I also think we have an opportunity to apply the same Consensus theory to baseball this season that worked very well in the NBA. A large volume of games played is the key. I will be experimenting with that to see if we can find the sweet spot for MLB.

As a side note, I will be offering MLB subscribers extra content related to a book publishing deal I am working on. I may need to experiment with bouncing early drafts and content off of see what people are most interested in. 

My long term mission is to teach and transfer my knowledge and methods, which I know are very unique to this utterly corrupt business of handicapping and sports betting.



2015 MLB Records

2015 MLB Saber Trend Tracking
23-18-0 56.10% +6.8 Units

2015 MLB Saber Sides
38-44-0 46.34% -.1 Units

2015 Experimental Systems (Records of emailed picks do not match tracking records as I stopped emailing failed systems)

2015 MLB Saber Overs
26-22-1 54.17% +1.8 Units

2015 MLB Saber Unders
17-23-4 42.50% -8.3 Units

Sunday, February 7, 2016

MisterMJ NFL SuperBowl Free Pick

Enjoy the Free Pick. Great Football season with the NFL and College, and maybe the best NBA season ever.

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My hat will be off to Peyton or the Denver defense if they can pull this off, but the odds in my opinion, are statistically clearly against them.

Good luck and enjoy the day.


NFL Paycheck System ( A System of Systems)

CAR at DEN 06:30 PM
CAR -5.0

12-8-1 60.00% (Last 10 7-3-0 70%)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Just Sayin...You've Been Missing Out. But Enjoy Today's NBA Free Pick Anyway

The Premium Home Dog System pick Utah +1.5 demolished Miami in the second half last night for another winner with the new Premium Home Dog System. Now 5-1-1

Nothing qualifies with the Premium Systems today. 

Premium Subscriber Systems Overall 15-10-1 60% ATS

NBA Computer Picks
2-3-0 40%

NBA Home Dog Picks
5-1-1 83.33%

NBA Away Dogs Picks
8-6-0 57.14%
Today's Free Pick:

Experimental System 
Nice...we get the win with Washington last night and the new filter avoided two losses. It flipped a bad night into a great one. So good.

One more qualifies tonight. Go Bucks.

NBA Consensus Fades ( Experimental NBA Volume System. Recommended to use caution and play as flat bet half wagers or less)
MIL at NY 7:30 PM ET MIL +5.0

New Record with one added quality filter. 1-0-0 100%

* Pre-filter Record 2015 Consensus Fade Favorites Tracking Record 33-28 54.09%

* Pre-filter Record 2015 Consensus Fade Unders Tracking Record 22-16 57.89 %