Saturday, April 23, 2016

MisterMJ MLB Free Pick / Last Call Sat. April 23

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MLB April 23, 2016

It's always nice to get the first one with the Pirates last night.

 Soon we will settle in and just keep whacking at these dogs most every day...some days we will have a couple of them or possibly three.

I recommend that you play them for a smaller amount to eliminate the emotions of the ups and downs of a volume system. One pick doesn't mean very much to's working the volume where we hope to leverage the value with dog lines.

I also recommend that you flat bet them for the same amount all season. My research suggest this will provide better long term returns. Use discipline and stick to the plan.

My next plan is to take a look at Consensus O/U's  similar to what we did in the NBA this season.  I'll try to roll that out tomorrow.

As always, the picks and more information are included at the bottom of this email.

Good luck.


MLB Saber Sides (This is a volume system. The idea is to play on a lot of dog picks to leverage long term value of a system approach. My recommendation is to play them for smaller amounts to help eliminate the emotional rollercoaster. There will be ups and downs with playing dogs, but we can capture the value, over time. Sometimes it's spectacular...most times it's a grind it out process, but it works.)

SEA at LAA 09:05 PM ET SEA +116

* We will always play these as "action", NOT Listed pitchers

2016 Record 1-0-0 +1.15 Units

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