Thursday, October 20, 2016

Reminder # 2 MisterMJ NBA/NCAAB

Reminder # 2 for the upcoming NBA/NCAA Basketball seasons. 

The Basketball systems are the best thing I have...I don't know why... but the records are nearly unbelievable over the long term and nearly every season something catches absolute fire.

Last season was one of the best ever because of some incredible NBA System Picks,  which have been producing season after season after season. The NBA is how I made my name in this business.

2015/16 NBA/ NCAAB Season Records
The NBA Away Dogs 20-8-1 71.43%
NBA Home Dogs 9-5-1 64.29%
NBA Computer Picks 3-2-0 60.00 %
Experimental NBA Consensus Fades 33-28  54.09%

And while it was a flat year for harm no foul with an 8-8-0 record overall. Sooner or later it will be College Basketball that is on fire again. 

The NBA and NCAAB Package is still just $29.99 for the whole season...All Inclusive.

Help me out and help yourself out by signing up today...because it lowers my costs to get this out of the way ASAP.... and you won't forget to sign up for what has proven to be "free money" by simply following my best handicapping systems. 

Past results do not guarantee future success,  but it's a far better bet than not having any history to go on.


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