Thursday, September 22, 2016

MisterMJ NFL Week # 3 Thoughts and Picks

The NFL Week  #3 and sometimes week #4 are good for bounce-backs with teams that have struggled, and it's also good for some regression in teams that started off well. 

There is  line value in the public's over-reaction to early season wins and losses, in other words.

For NFL Week # 3 I like Tampa Bay -5, Jacksonville +1.5, Buffalo +3.5, and Indianapolis -2.5

All of these are home teams which I think is important at this point in the season. 

All of these match ups have some element of expecting a bounce back in performance...or going against an opponent off of a big win, or both.

I still recommend caution..keep your wagers small is my recommendation. They are still just guesses until we run the System Picks.

It may be safest to play all of them to spread out the risk...just keep your wagers smaller than what you would bet on with the system picks.

Good luck to us. 

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