Monday, September 5, 2016

"NFL 2016" Contrarian NFL Thoughts and Ideas on the Tennessee Titans

I'm a statistical "Systems" and situational sports handicapper...for the most part anyway, which means the first part of the season is generally reserved for watching and waiting for statistics to build up on each team.

While we wait for that to happen it might be fun to try out some thoughts and ideas for possibly finding some other angles on the 2016 NFL season.

One idea I've had is contrarian thinking on the NFL now being a "Passing League". There is no question that is has become one...but are teams now going too far?...and possibly over reacting to the point that it can be exploited by a good running team?

I think it's a fun idea to explore and if we happened to find something to exploit that way...we would be a couple of years ahead of the curve before others would catch on.

That's how you find handicapping opportunities...that's the way you have to think. That is the "Mindset" you must have. That is the "MisterMJ Way".

This may not work, and it doesn't matter. You can't ever be afraid to challenge the status quo, stretch your mind and opinions and go against the grain sometimes. Or at least I think so anyway.

Along these lines, I'm wondering if there will be opportunity this season with the Tennessee Titans, in particular. Perhaps other teams will also come to mind as we do this.

Tennessee is not considered to be a very good team and Las Vegas has their Wins O/U at 5.5 

I'm not so much concerned with wins but of course we are interested in over performance and covering the spread.

Tennessee is in a good spot to "possibly" surprise people this season if they can dominate with their run game. The offensive line has shown some signs of improving and being on the upswing this preseason. Coach Mularky and the GM have stated they are committed to building a physical run based team.

This looks like something to keep a close eye on to me. 

I haven't even mentioned the Titans running backs of Demarco Murray and Heisman winner Derrick Henry who looks like a beast so far in preseason action. 

We are going to track this here all season with follow up articles. 

However...the first week of the season has Tennessee vs. Minnesota and the Vikings have one of the top run defenses per Cold Hard Football Facts statistics from last season...and I do happen to love their statistics.

For week # 1 we'll just watch and see what happens. But we will be taking a close look at the weekly matchups and see if there is anything to my idea when we come against a poor run defense.

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