Sunday, April 10, 2016

MisterMJ 2016 MLB Sign Up

We should be able to start using Saber Stats to look for MLB Dog value picks very soon this next week. 

The Saber Sides System put up nearly +28 units total in 2014 but was flat last year. 

MLB records included below.

MLB Still $29.99 Sign Up Here:

I also think we have an opportunity to apply the same Consensus theory to baseball this season that worked very well in the NBA. A large volume of games played is the key. I will be experimenting with that to see if we can find the sweet spot for MLB.

As a side note, I will be offering MLB subscribers extra content related to a book publishing deal I am working on. I may need to experiment with bouncing early drafts and content off of see what people are most interested in. 

My long term mission is to teach and transfer my knowledge and methods, which I know are very unique to this utterly corrupt business of handicapping and sports betting.



2015 MLB Records

2015 MLB Saber Trend Tracking
23-18-0 56.10% +6.8 Units

2015 MLB Saber Sides
38-44-0 46.34% -.1 Units

2015 Experimental Systems (Records of emailed picks do not match tracking records as I stopped emailing failed systems)

2015 MLB Saber Overs
26-22-1 54.17% +1.8 Units

2015 MLB Saber Unders
17-23-4 42.50% -8.3 Units

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