Saturday, September 27, 2008

Computer NFL Picks Week 4 Sept 28

This weeks 3 Pack of Computer selections.

Carolina has some clear matchup advantages in this game and should be able to pressure Atlanta into some big mistakes according to the computers indicators. If it goes as planned, Carolina simply grinds them up and puts them away in the 4th quarter, decisively.

In Cinncinnati many factors align for an easy over. Emotional factors do not favor defense...the computer expects to see absolutely no defense in this game...none, nada, nothing...a pathetic display of gutless flag football. But it will be good for those on the over. God help the loser, and the winner for that matter. The computer isn't right all the time...but I'll be damned if this doesn't fly way over the 44.5. We should know right away, watch for a TD in the first minute or two of play, if the puter is right about this.

In Oakland, all I can say is it looks ugly on paper. We all have the feeling SD has their act back together. But I have to tell you, there are some very good indicators pointing to a dog cover in this game. When this happens, I just plug my nose and trust the computer. It's usually right.

Sunday, September 28
Game Score Status Pick Amount

Atlanta - 1:00 PM ET Carolina -6.5 $500
Carolina -

Cleveland - 1:00 PM ET Over 44.5 $500
Cincinnati -

San Diego - 4:05 PM ET Oakland +9 $500
Oakland -

Computer Pick 3 Record

6-2-1 75.00% +$1900

Computer Special Situations Record


1-0 +$234

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