Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week 4 RECAP

Despite last weeks 1-2 disappointment the computer is doing very well after 4 weeks of picks.

The hard part is over, going forward each teams statistics should help make this easier. I would be really happy with 64% for the year.

Computer Pick 3 Record

7-4-1 63.64% +$1300

Computer Special Situations Record

1-0 +$234"


Anonymous said...

Hey MJ,

Not trying to make any excuses, but they didn't announce that carson palmer was going to be out until an hour before kickoff. And that SD game was IN THE BAG! the computer can't account for LT busting a 41 yrd TD run with a minute left on the clock while trying to just simply run the clock out. Tough break that's all.Looking forward to this weeks picks.

MJ said...

Yeah, no excuses. These bad breaks tend to even out over time.

No use crying...it just happens if you play the game.