Saturday, September 6, 2008

NFL Week 1

Giants ML winner. A great way to start.

Computer Select ML Record
1-0 +$234

Computer 3 Pack Week 1 NFL

Sunday, September 7

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Seattle - 1:00 PM ET Buffalo -1 $500
Buffalo -

Dallas - 4:15 PM ET Under 49 $500
Cleveland -

Chicago - 8:15 PM ET Under 44 $500
Indianapolis -

The computer sees tremendous value with Buffalo only giving up a point at home against Seattle. A very large projected advantage that frankly I don't see myself...but I've learned to trust the computer with this.

Dallas/Clev Under 49 is a solid under selection with preseason statistics and historic performance suggesting a +67% chance of an under. Watch out for Clev this year...the computer doesn't think much of them at all right now.

Chicago / Indy Under 44 another strong under selection based on Chicago's incredibly poor offense and key injuries in the Indy offensive triangle that history suggests will take some time to work out. Again...a high chance of underperformance in scoring in this game.

P.S. I changed my mind again...I will not be offering the volume picks...I have two nice systems going here...thats enough. I don't need to bring the experiments in and complicate things. If the experiment works...I will share it.

Good luck!

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