Friday, September 12, 2008

NFL Week 2 Wrap Up

Just to wrap up the picks this week.

Carolina -3

Chicago is not going to have nearly as easy a week this week...they just happened to hit Indy in a really bad spot with their injuries..Not to mention starting off 2 weeks on the road...not easy to do.

The computer says just get the Indy game out of your head...Chicago is not nearly as good as they looked. Take away Forte's 50 yard run and he was just average. An average running game will not be enough to make the Bears look good again.

Carolina at home this week is solid value. And don't worry about Carolina's poor home trend.Could be a low scoring close one though.

SD -1 (Now moved to +1)
The computer sees a solid rebound play here against Denver coming off a short week...and a game that was maybe too easy.

Denver has to prove they can do it against a good team...San Diego needs this one more. Hint...Denver didn't exactly stop the Raiders as much as the Raiders stopped themselves. Value goes to SD here.

49'ers / Seahawks Over 38

This doesn't look all that good on will the Seahawks even score? The computer sees other things. Bank on two teams over performing on offense this week...motivated professionals get it done...even if they are no-names.

It's not a pick but I like SF +7 as the best dog this was really close to being a pick, but the computer is conservative until week 4.

The first couple of weeks are the toughest...if the computer can hit 2 out of 3 here...that would be great.

Good luck!

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