Saturday, September 6, 2008

2008/2009 NFL season ***Computer NFL Picks***

2008/2009 NFL season ***Computer NFL Picks***

The computer gives me the best 3 picks each week and thats what I will be providing here...along with a little write up.

Last year hit a solid 64% ATS picking 3 picks per week during the regular season, and I came in second place in an NFL contest across the street.There are no guarantees past success will continue but the system uses a lot of statisitics I have developed since 2004 with countless hours of research, and it is very flexible. The computer program will use what is working best automatically.

I only flat bet the NFL, I don't believe in assigning value or star systems.The picks are documented at Wagerline, and I use their lines. They usually put out a very fair line that represent what is readily available offshore.

Good luck and I hope to share some solid NFL picks and information for the upcoming season.

Weekly NFL picks will usually be made later in the week on Friday...unless there are injury or other issues involved.

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