Saturday, May 12, 2018

MisterMJ MLB 5/12...Qualified MLB Picks...Methods to Madness

Let's get some things straight everybody knows where I am coming from. Today's pick and reasoning are included below.

Let me explain the Method to My to speak.

I am trying to find a method for baseball that I enjoy handicapping...sharing....and has value to you...the reader or follower. I like systems and I like something that I can do every day...or most days. 

I do it because I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of handicapping. I just do.

Long story some has always been a challenge to me. It doesn't fit my style the best maybe...I like the statistics and volume of games in basketball the best. 

The problem with baseball....for it seems to have too many variables that I can not easily I feel I can in the game of basketball for instance. 

So...I can keep fooling around trying to build my own systems....or I can leverage something else and make it my own system or method so to speak.

I think I've come to the point where I just need to try something else...something I've thought about for a long time, but resisted. I might still work on the Cycle thing but it needs work.

For the first time I am using SDQL queries as a base for daily handicapping. I will get my ideas from there and then "Qualify" them using my own filters. So far so good. I am tracking the record and documenting the picks as I always do at

MisterMJ Qualified MLB (SDQL based with my own added filters to qualify)

OAK at NYY 01:05 PM U 9.0  $50

Overall Record 3-0-0 100.00% +167.50 For a Fifty Dollar Bettor

This query is hitting 62.3% on the Under with a sample size close to 150.

What makes it a pick for me is that I think I see an erosion in hitting by both teams...which if it carries through today could also help the Under. In other's Qualified. Good luck to us.


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