Thursday, March 29, 2018

MisterMJ Opening Day MLB ...and Things Are Going to Hella Change Around Here

I love keeping things simple.... so here goes...straight from the heart. 

1. I'm on a new mission here to turn this into a true sports handicapping blog... with steady and quality Free content including handicapping info and system picks.

2. I will no longer be selling MisterMJ System Picks. This blog will always be free and I intend to work in some of my old systems here.

3. For this MLB season I will start by tracking "Select"April Dogs. (Yeah I know it's with me ) Select means only dogs within a +128 to +180 window. The reason for this is it has been shown this is the Dog sweet spot of best value. 
And the reason to pick Dogs in March and April is...nobody really knows anything yet. There should be some value in just picking the most optimal dog lines. Let's see what happens.

I do not recommend that you just blindly bet these...let's track them and start learning something for our long term education. You and I. 

To keep it real...I will use Wagerline to document the system picks using their mostly realistic live lines.

3/29 Todays "Select" Dogs would be:

HOU at TEX 03:35 PM
TEX +158

NYY at TOR 03:37 PM
TOR +142

BOS at TB 04:00 PM
TB +145

CLE at SEA 10:10 PM
SEA +160

 Record 0-0-0

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