Wednesday, March 7, 2018

MisterMJ NCAA Tournament System Picks & Info 3/7/18

Another winner we've had four winners in a row. I didn't expect this kind of volatility. I expected a much smoother experience with a solid winning bias.

We'll see how this shapes up.

 I'm also watching PPG differentials and tracking ATS margin differentials in the back ground and I may use these to tighten things up if I have to.

FWIW Stanford comes up in both ATS margin differential and PPG differential tonight. It might be worth a look...especially if you see something else you like there. 

MisterMJ's NCAA Tournament System ( In theory small line slippage is ok but use common sense. There are always more picks coming)
All times are Eastern. The teams with the line are the Picks

South Alabama 
Troy - 06:00 PM  USA +5.0

La Salle 06:00 PM MASS +6.0

Georgia - 07:00 PM UGA -2.0

Oklahoma St. - 07:00 PM OKST +1.5

South Carolina- 09:00 PM SCAR -2.5

Louisiana Tech 
North Texas - 09:30 PM   UNT +3.0

Record  9-13-0 
Last 10  5-5-0
Last 5  4-1-0

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