Thursday, March 1, 2018

MisterMJ NCAAB Tournament System Picks

For College ...the Conference Tournaments start today and we have a new system to play. 

The picks are included below. Picks will be made all the way through ALL of the upcoming March Madness Tournaments and posted here at this blog...on Twitter...and a link on Facebook.

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I have put quite a bit of work into this and the history is very good. 
Expectations are in the 55-58% range. We could do worse or better of course.

 I am ok with playing these as full wagers based on extensive testing of the history.

I would recommend that you play them all...don't pick and choose.

 Flat them all for the same amount is the safest and arguably the most profitable in the long run.

Let's get started and good luck to us. MJ

MisterMJ's NCAA Tournament System ( In theory small line slippage is ok but use common sense. There are always
 more picks coming)

 All times are Eastern.The teams with the line are the Picks

FIU at CHAR 07:30 PM
FIU -2.5

WKU at MTU 08:00 PM
WKU +4.0

UVA at LOU 08:00 PM
UVA -4.0

WEB at MONT 09:00 PM
MONT -8.5

USF at MEM 09:00 PM
MEM -13.5

CP at UCRV 10:00 PM
UCRV -3.5

LBSU at UCSB 11:00 PM
UCSB -7.5

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