Tuesday, January 19, 2010

$$$ Donations Needed to Save this Service and Blog $$$

I can no longer provide this service for free.

I am asking for just a $25 donation...not $25 per pick !, but just $25 for all of my picks through the MLB season.

Please use the Donate button at the top of this blog.

I really enjoy it, but it takes hours each day to provide this service.

If it's not worth $25 to you through the MLB baseball season for quality picks, then I will have to discontinue the service and discontinue posting here and at the Rx forum.

If this donation partnership works out...my plan going forward is to start releasing my methods and perhaps build a website where I can teach and interact with those of you that are interested. That is my ultimate vision to slowly show you how to run these systems yourself and I will gravitate toward support, advice and teaching people the methods rather than providing the picks.

The records below state my case for me.

If I again get some decent support I thank you in advance...and if not, I thank all of you anyway. It's been fun.

If you choose to donate, the Paypal button at the top of this blog is the very best way to do it easily, safely and with full encryption.You do not need a Paypal account to use it.

Best regards,


NBA Computer Picks since 2007 Season as of 1/19/2010
156-94 62.4% + 52.6 units +$26,300


Home system 2009
16-4 80% +$5800

March Madness Tourney system 2009

7-4-1 63.64% +$1300

Home System 2010
3-0 100% +$1500

NCAAB Leans 2010

18-12-060.00% +$2400

MLB Run Line Chasers 2009
Overall series 39-10 +19.31 Units +$1931


EMO's 2009
34-32-1 51.52% -$600
(+60% for each of last 3 seasons when stopped after week 12)
Pick 5 2009

38-42-5 47.50% -$4100
Pick 3 2009
34-34-450.00% -$1700

NFL Computer Picks 08 Season
(Pick 3)

29-20-259.18% +$3500ViewView

NFL Computer Picks 07 Season (Pick 3)

64% ATS (Not documented here, for my information only)

NFL Computer Picks 08 Season (Pick 5)

51-32-261.45% +$7900ViewView


TB said...

If one was to cough up $25 but not enough do, you're not going to fold up shop regardless, are you?

MJ said...

I have received enough to make it worth my time to continue.

The blog will still have some free picks...but the systems will be experimental and the more proven systems will migrate to the donation partnerships.


TB said...

Sold. Money sent.

I've only followed the last month or so but am impressed with what you've done historically and recently.

Keep going, MJ!

Do we get the picks by email?

MJ said...

Yes..by direct email for donation partners.


tiderinsider2 said...

ok donated and ready for these picks. thanks mj. so when will you start to teach us how to make one of these bad ass systems ourselves.

MJ said...

Hi Justin,

Thank you.

I have quite a bit of work to do.

I need to update this blog and change the way I use it.

Then I need to build a website or forum for us to communicate more easily.

It's a process and it will take some time but I am committed to it. My long term vision is to gravitate toward DIY handicapping with me providing tools and support.


Jason said...

What time do you email the picks each day?