Sunday, January 17, 2010

NCAA Basketball Computer Selections for Sunday Jan 16

Saturday was a big day...another NBA winner and we kicked some ass in NCAAB as well.

Scans complete for Sunday.

There are no NCAAB Home System picks that qualify.

3-0 this season...16-4 last year


Adjustment more Double Digit lines. 5-6 so far on DD, kind of a no brainer but I gave them a short leash to flash any signs of life there.

Everything else is a go...great start...we'll see how it plays out.

Here is the breakdown...if we would take out the 5-6 record of the Double digit lines so far ... we would be 7-1 on ATS picks

ATS Picks12-7-063.16%+2150
O/U Picks4-3-057.14%+350
All Picks16-10-061.54%+2500

It's a good don't go crazy thinking it's the holy grail.

Good luck!

Sunday, January 17 NCAAB Leans

Game Score Status Pick Amount
DePaul - 2:00 PM ET Under 121.5 500
St. John's -

Wake Forest - 8:00 PM ET Under 147.5 500


Anonymous said...

Did anything happen to move the depaul game to 124?

MJ said...

Not sure...but it moved the wrong way anyway.

jjvoit said...

a top totals capper on another board moved it.