Friday, November 6, 2009

NFL Week 9 EMO System

Here are this weeks EMO's after another stellar week of 3-1.

They are 8-3 in the last 3 weeks.

Overall the season record is a very respectable 62 % ATS.

18-11-0 62.07% +2950

EMO's are emotional factors that point to over or under performance on the field...and we fade the team that qualifies with too many negative emotional factors...or play the teams that qualify with a high number of positive emotional factors.

If you decide to use them as picks or in your handicapping...good luck!


Sunday, November 8

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Arizona - 1:00 PM ET Arizona +3 500
Chicago -

Carolina - 4:05 PM ET New Orleans -13.5 500
New Orleans -


Anonymous said...


How was the EMO'S record for last year? You said it had been 60% up to week 12, but you never stated how it finished up. Thanks. Love the icon for this as well =P

MJ said...

I didn't document them so you will have to take my word on it.

I have the record at 33-18 through week 12 last year.


I don't have anymore information on them from last year...I'm not sure why I discontinued them but about week 13 is when some teams start to lose all hope...and thus an emotional indicator might not work very well for late season.