Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NBA Computer Parlay Det +190 /Phoenix -750 $30 to win $68.60 Record is 4-2 +$192.49

Another Computer Parlay winner in the last post.

One Computer Parlay tonight...nothing else qualifies.

Good luck!

This isn't a perfect fit to the parlay system so I am making it a small wager. $100 is considered a full wager for the Computer Parlays and anything less is my attempt at managing risk.

You could make the argument why not just play Detroit +190 by itself or +5 for -110...and maybe that is what you should do for small's up to you.

The Computer Parlays are meant to give me a tool to play ML faves that otherwise do not quite qualify with the regular Computer Picks against the spread.

I don't feel like making another category for I am posting it as a small Computer Parlay even though it's not quite the way I want to normally play them.

Selection #1
11/25/2009 8:05 PM - (EST)
Basketball NBA
Wager Type:Parlay
Detroit Pistons
Money Line +190 for Game

Selection #2
11/25/2009 9:05 PM - (EST)
Basketball NBA
Wager Type:Parlay
Phoenix Suns
Money Line -750 for Game

Risking $30.00 To Win $68.60

Computer Parlay record:
4-2 +$192.49

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