Wednesday, September 9, 2009

NFL Picks Week 1( Pick 3 and Pick 5)

At this time I do not see a pick for the Thursday night opening NFL game.

I will release the NFL WEEK 1 picks early Friday here at the blog for free Pick 3 ...
and by email if you donated for the Pick 5 package.

If you have signed up for the Pick 5 package I will be sending out a "TEST" email tonight.


If you do not receive the "TEST" email by Thursday morning, or have any other issue, please contact me by using the email button here at the blog.

I would prefer all communication come through the blogs email button when possible.

Please keep the email communications for important matters only.

Congratulations, bitching or other small talk is best done at my NFL thread in the Rx forum here:

Or leave a message in my blog post.

Thank you for your support...and Good luck to us this season!

P.S. I will only accept Pick 5 donation sign ups until midnight Friday CST...I have to wrap up the loose ends before Saturday if at all possible.


1 comment:

roger said...

mj-np donating, however, first let's see a profit from the 3 pick, of which by the way--i haven't seen or received