Friday, September 11, 2009

NFL Pick 3 Week # 1 Friday Sept 11

Here we go. Good luck!

Reminder! If you still want the Pick 5 system...please make your $25 donation by midnight tonight!

I recommend flat betting all of these for 1 unit...that's how I do it. No pick is any better than any other pick.

Determine what your unit size is for your size of bankroll.

For record keeping purposes only, I use $500 per wager.

I use Wagerline to document the picks. You may find a better or worse line at your book.

Wagerline usually gives a pretty fair line that is available at any good book, and that is what I will use.



Sunday, September 13

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Philadelphia - 1:00 PM ET Under 43.5 500
Carolina -

Denver - 1:00 PM ET Cincinnati -4 500
Cincinnati -

Dallas - 1:00 PM ET Under 39 500
Tampa Bay -


Anonymous said...

ugh...this knocked the small players out already...Hope week 2 can reverse this. Surprised not to see Jax or Atl on this week from you....seemed the easy plays along with Tenn on Thursday.

MJ said...

They are all easy to see after the games have been played.

Anonymous said...

hopefully wk 2 goes better. and the other guy mentioning 'easy plays' after they're over, real helpful