Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 GM RL Dog Chasers Wednesday August 12

A crappy night...that's how it goes some time.

We can still make a profit on this set however....or we could possibly have a 8 unit loss...or something not that bad in between.

Good luck tonight...we need it.

Philly @ Chicago Cubs ML -104 GM 2 for 2 units

Pittsburgh @ Colorado -1.5 -125 GM 2 for (risk?) 2 units

The Colorado match up brings up a new issue...what do we do when GM 2 is > -115 which is our cut off?

I'm thinking we could adjust the risk amount to 2 units keeping the system risk levels the same, and keeping some symmetry to the record.

Or we could just flat out cancel them and take the game 1 loss.

I'm leaning toward the first option

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